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Ross Dalziel

Ross Dalziel is an artist and PhD candidate at Lancaster Institute of Contemporary Art and the Biological Life Sciences at Lancaster. His research explores ‘kits’ in maker culture, biomedicine, biomaterials and forms of interdisciplinary ‘critical making’. His work is concerned with strategy around how knowledge is produced and shared collectively. He is based at the makerspace/co-working space DoES Liverpool in Liverpool and co-founder of the art collective Domestic Science who make playful spaces to explore domestic technoscience

During his residency, Ross will set up a DIY bioplastics lab to explore biomaterials where the disciplines of biology, social science and engineering meet. Bioplastic and other materials are sustainable approaches and alternatives to the materials we use everyday that are connected to fossil fuel use. During his time with Metal, Ross will work with participants to make and use basic bioplastics using algae, water and glycerol, inviting people to take part in a form of ‘critical making’, a way of developing a critical perspective on the world by hands on thinking through materials, and explore the social relations everyday materials have with non-humans.