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Ruth McHugh

Galway born artist Ruth McHugh’s project Spectres of Modernity recorded the demolition of the final remains of Ballymun, Ireland’s most recognisable high-rise housing. From ongoing engagement with the site, its history and its inhabitants, a lens-based exhibition evolved which took the utopian ideals of modernist architecture in relation to the modular styles of 1967 (the year ‘The Flats’ were first inhabited) as its point of departure.

Spectres of Modernity premiered at the Galway Arts Festival in 2016 and was exhibited at the Axis Arts Centre, Ballymun, in 2017. The central short film was also selected for the Capital Irish Film Festival in Washington DC, March, 2017.

She looks forward to using the Metal Residency to research and develop Spectres of Modernity II in Liverpool.

Review of Spectres of Modernity: