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Kelly Ann Buckley

For 25 years Kelly Buckley’s day job has been a journalist, whilst her ‘hobby’ alongside it has been music – songwriting and performing. Over more recent years, she has invested time and money into attending various music production courses. Kelly’s initial reason for going in this direction was to learn how to professionally produce, mix and compose her music. As her technical and sound design skills have grown, so has her passion for combining technology with nature, to create music and sound art. She has a reporting background, perhaps it is second nature for Kelly to document her findings, via video footage, digital art, photos and words. Kelly’s role of music, arts and a ‘what’s on’ writer at a daily newspaper was made redundant in 2020 due to Covid-19. To find an alternative income, she set about developing the visual elements of her ‘sound art’ practice into prints, to sell them on recycled art stock and organic cotton apparel. She also launched a music licensing catalogue, and has begun paid work, creating soundtracks and working on sound design, for short films and different visual media.


Through her residency with Metal, she is hoping to seek advice and carry out research about how to further develop her sound-art practice. One idea is to create a workshop, which will enable her to take people out into nature, show them how to take field recordings, journal their findings and then sample their recordings into beats, at an absolute beginners level.