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Shabnam Shabazi

Shabnam Shabazi is a London-based creative whose signature theme is home, as a sense of place, identity and the spaces in and around the body. Her practice is archival, and her process is based on walking, journeys, and experiences. Conducting video interviews, which have a life of their own, but also help Shabnam articulate her own creative response to the research, there is always more than one output in Shabnam’s work.

Participation and the intersections between art forms and cultures is at the heart of Shabnam’s practice. During her residency at Chalkwell Hall, she hopes to hold a series of happenings, interventions and invitations to invited artists and local people.  She would like to continue to identify culturally diverse artists nationally as a kind of mapping and archive process for inclusion in an online platform ‘Making visible the invisible’, featuring short films excavating the story behind each artist, their practices and processes.