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Sue Shields

Artist and folk evangelist Sue Shields is a visual artist based in Peterborough. Integral to her practice is the mapping, exploring and gathering of social history, lore and traditions of the land. Much of her work involves reintroducing lost affinities between nature, social history, traditions and the public. She is active in the artistic community in Peterborough, and co-chair of artist group Creative Peterborough, an independent collective championing the needs of local artists.


For Harvest, Sue is creating an ‘Onion Emporium’ celebrating all things to do with this ancient vegetable. Her market stall and ‘listening booth’ created from vintage onion crates will invite visitors to learn more about this ubiquitous allium, and to listen to recordings of interviews conducted with retired farm labourers and land workers. You will also be able to sample and take away free bags of produce supplied by local onion producer Moulton Bulb Company.