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The Suitcase Ensemble

The Suitcase Ensemble were in residence at Metal Liverpool from September 2010 – September 2o11 and continue to be based at Edge Hill Station.

The Suitcase Ensemble are a theatre collective bringing together young theatre makers and members of the community to provide opportunities to develop creativity, share skills, and use theatre and art to understand contemporary life. Their areas of work span from the small scale professional performing theatre to innovative and experimental performances in non-traditional spaces and reach the public by facilitating participatory projects for young artists and the community. The Suitcase Ensemble’s innovative and contemporary theatre is rooted in the absurdities of everyday life, yet it is accessible and appealing for broad audiences.

The Suitcase Ensemble worked with Metal to bring their Edgy Cabaret performances of contemporary dance, performance poetry, folk, punk and music hall to the oldest passenger railway station in the world. They also developed a weekly drama group called ‘Soundtracks’ open for people with all levels and abilities with an interest in dance, music and puppetry. The Suitcase Ensemble and members of local community worked together to create a brand new performance  that premiered at Edge Hill Station.

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