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Sumuyya Khader


Sumuyya Khader is an artist and recent graduate from Liverpool Hope University. She is currently a member of Tate Collective, Tate’s group of young creatives, producing and organising events for young people in Liverpool.


Her current body of work focuses on the aesthetics of the landscape and the abstraction and reformation of the land through detailed drawings. Her practice encompasses large-scale drawings and paintings, usually developed by experimenting with projected images of the landscape and layering and manipulating these images to produce an abstract scene.


During her Metal residency Sumuyya will continue to explore these themes in more detail, while also taking further note of Edge Hill Station’s surroundings, which are rich in history and culture. Her aim is to re imagine how we perceive the land, questioning what it is we see, and opening up a discussion with fellow artists and members of the public on how we view it.


Summuya will be in residence at Metal Liverpool until September 2014.