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Webster’s Triangle

Leon Jakeman and Chris Jenkins live, create and work in The Webster Triangle in Liverpool, an area that has had many narratives imposed upon it by all but the residents who live there. They found themselves drawn together through their opposition to the dictate of how a place “should be”. So began an explorative relationship in creating Webster’s Triangle – a parallel dimension where things are joyful, playful and absurd. But most of all where life is breathed into something deemed damaged, forgotten and neglected. Both artists believe in the power of transformation of self. It is that which unites them in wanting to transform this area through love and creation.

During their time at Metal Leon and Chris will be working together to create public art in their community – combining Leon’s background in site specific installation with Chris’ current work in guerrilla planting. They also aim to lay the foundation in contextualising how they continue the work of Webster’s Triangle on from its embryonic form.

Leon Jakeman’s practice began in 2002, involving himself with studio groups, festivals and solo ventures. He is director of Space13 and set up the (B)rink (A)rts (P)rograme in 2011, gaining a recognition award for achievement and contributions within the recovery field. He continues to curate the space after delivering creative outreach workshops to hard to reach groups. His own recovery and practice go hand in hand to form a creative recovery vision that feeds and drives ambition and spirit. The human condition provides a fundamental source of inspiration within his work.

Chris Jenkins’ practice began in 2013 making black & white short films about his alter ego ‘Top Joe’. His first film was chosen by Mark Leckey for screening at FACT;s Liverpool Film Night. This led to live performances at live-art events, comedy and cabaret clubs. He was commissioned by Word of Warning/Contact Manchester for a solo theatre performance and in 2016 won Liverpool Echo Comedian of the Year. He also works as a videographer, documenting work for various live artists. His work is united by the desire to create authentic connections with people and create experiences that are positive, playful and honest.