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Yu-Chen Wang

Yu-Chen Wang is a Taiwanese-British artist who lives and works in London. Her work asks fundamental questions about human identity at a key point in history, where eco-systems and techno-systems have become inextricably intertwined. She has exhibited internationally, including at Science Gallery London, Manchester Art Gallery, FACT(Liverpool), CCCB(Barcelona), Seoul Museum of Art and Taipei Fine Arts Museum, and recently received the Honorary Mention, Collide International Award, Arts at CERN(Geneva).

For the residency, she will research the history of draining the Fens and explore the East of England’s marshy and mysterious landscape and its rich wildlife. With a particular interest in the interaction between historic and natural environments, the artist will focus on how technologies enable movement of people, goods/food and information, as well as exploitation of natural resources and labour; how anthropogenic activities have altered and fundamentally transformed the land and ecologies, even our planet.

Yu-Chen will work collaboratively with local specialists and communities, including historians, archaeologists, engineers, ecologists, farmers and cultural practitioners. The interactions will help to develop her new work and generate new dialogues for rethinking our relationship with the ever-changing landscape and re-imagining new routes into the future. For more information please see LAND residency and research blog

Supported by the Arts Council England.