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Yu-Chen Wang

Artist Yu-Chen Wang work asks fundamental questions about human identity at a key point in history, where eco-systems and techno-systems have become inextricably intertwined. Drawing has been central to Yu-Chen’s practice allowing her to explore mechanical and biological forms, and the ways in which their bodily borderlines blur and mutate. She is particularly interested in researching and developing new work closely linked to particular sites and places.

Yu-Chen is working on a project with Grand Union, Birmingham exploring the history of canals, specifically the Grand Union Canal; technology, machineries and engineering utilised in building the transport network and transforming the industry and people’s life.

Along the Grand Union Canal, Peterborough is the start point of Middle Level Navigation, a network of waterways primarily used for land drainage, as most of the area through which they run is at or below sea level. During her residency in Peterborough, she will explore the local canal history, in particular the engineering of land drainage, the use of pumping machineries and technology.