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I just looked again at a photo from a few weeks ago of my most recent painting and felt slightly anxious. I am ‘dangerously’ close to obliterating too much of the nice, open white space on the painting’s surface. In fact, I hope I haven’t worked into it too much already. The earlier version now seems refreshingly open and spacious.

It’s definitely time to loosen up on this latest one, as well. I realise that I am a long way away from the paintings from last year, which were very gestural and much more immediate, fresh. I think that the labyrinth-like detail and potential for further, unbelievable amounts of detail within the subject of the foliage in this piece caught me out, and I’ve been almost hypnotised by the process of working on it (!?). It’s also strange how a 5-6′ wide painting doesn’t seem that big to me anymore… maybe because I’m using up all the space (silly)! The detail of the subject wasn’t even supposed to be the main focus, initially! I think it can still be something decent, though…

Another day in studio