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My Remote Residency awarded by Metal in February 2021 is to research and further explore the impact of social isolation from the Covid-19 lockdowns, on the mental and physical health of the elderly.

I am a freelance photographer, however after caring for my mother for a few years I also took up caring for the elderly, so last two years I have combined caring and photography.


Protecting the elderly has been a priority but at what cost?

Sadly I experienced first hand, the effects  the lockdown had on my client, watching her deteriorate, mentally and physically in just a few months.

Through my residency I will be photographing and recording the experiences of the elderly in a retirement home and also carers who have been affected by the lockdown.

As you can imagine the current lockdown restrictions is delaying me speaking to the residents, but as more of them are vaccinated hopefully the restrictions will ease.

I am still working on a title, at the moment it’s Isolation, but it will change as I progress further along.


I’ll keep you posted on my progress.