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As part of my residency capturing the sounds of  Welland and Cardea I’ve been recording in and around the sites that link these two areas. A major sonic feature of the area close to Welland are a number of waste management sites and linking Cardea to Welland is the new Viridor Energy Recycling Facility in Fengate. Funded by Peterborough City Council this plant eats up Peterborough’s waste and converts it to electricity which is then returned to its residents. This important feedback loop has helped reduce noise levels around Welland by focussing waste consumption in the industrial area of Fengate. Power and the production of sound are intimate; without power sound cannot be produced, either from our bodies or through electrically powered devices. I hope the exploration of links between energy, power, recycling and noise might help elucidate the potential power of Peterborough as an Environment Capital.

Some of the sounds recorded on these sites will form some of the work Peterborough City Museum Gallery as part of Resident which opens on 21st July


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