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'Scar Of The Valley'

The title might change, but I used the word ‘scar’ after a comment that someone made about the work recently.

Scar Of The Valley, next stage

Another layer develops

Scar 3

The ‘controlled’ image partially obliterates the more ‘creative’ image. Then again, I wonder whether they are going to start influencing each other.

I’m not totally sure about the large blue shape in the foreground. Some of the shapes are there to suggest aspects of landscape. The blue shape might be clashing with the ‘aggressive’ (the idea that it is a kind of an aggressive act to mess with the image’s surface), superimposed images to the left. On the other hand, it could well be pointless worrying about such things – there are bigger issues in life – and this brings out more of a desire to be less constrained with the image-making. Control, loss of control….

Scar Of The Valley, next stage