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For the past few weeks I have been developing a platform to compile my initial thoughts and field work for the project I am developing through my residency with Metal in Peterborough.

Below is a summary of the basic outline for the project which I have given the title Along the Outskirts.

The project I am undertaking aims to investigate, map and reflect on the peripheries of the City of Peterborough. The project will include films, writing and photography developed through a series of documented walks along the circumference of the city. I am also talking to people who work and live on the edge of the city and involving them in the process of the creation of the work.

I am hoping that any final work is created through a dialogue between myself and the communities, whilst also reflecting on the complicated relationship between both the rural and the urban and the past and present.

Most cities share a complex and evolving dialectic between the rural and the urban. Through the project, I will explore this dialectic and suggest the alternative notions and experiences of our cities, whose identity is usually formed from fixed centre based perspectives.

The project aims to highlight the complexity and evolution of the modern English landscape by documenting and tracing the outskirts and edges of the city of Peterborough. It can be argued that there is an increased urgency in the current climate, to explore, document and highlight these ‘uncharted’ areas as they are continually re-constructed through the effects of urban sprawl, environmental change, government policies and increased geographic mobility.

More detailed information can be found on a website I have created to contain short films, writing, photographs and drawings from the walks I will undertake as part of the residency.


Field work