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We are very pleased to announce our new Artists-In-Residence for our 2021-22 programme. Each artist was selected from our local communities and creatives can choose to work from home, in their own studio supported by Metal staff, or in our Metal spaces. We look forward to welcoming our new programme of artists and seeing how their practise and ideas develop, and the insightful conversations we are sure to have along the way!

Throughout the residency, you can keep up to date with what they are doing over on social media platforms @MetalCultureUK.

Liverpool Residencies:

Adam Sadiq
Adam Sadiq is an artist and technologist whose work focuses on the field of social-ecological futures. This explores how – by accepting that society and nature are deeply connected and interdependent – we can create and invent futures that explore and nurture this connection. Read more here.

We are Ash//Ella. We are a we. We merged our minds through our shared anticipation of the human convergence with technology. We use performative/interactive storytelling to configure our connection to the corporeal and virtual realms in which we roam. Read more here.

Emma Case
Emma Case is a visual artist and creative producer collaboratively working with communities, focusing on themes around nostalgia, archives and the everyday. Emma founded The RED Archive, a community project collecting and sharing Liverpool fans’ personal photos and stories. Read more here.

Khaleb Brooks
Khaleb Brooks is an interdisciplinary artist based in the UK. Meshing the black queer figure with surreal environments in paintings, using printmaking to question the politics of desire and entering transcendental states in performance they force their audience to confront the literal and social death of black people globally. Read more here.

Mandy Romero
Mandy Romero is a transgender artist, a created identity but not a conventional alter ego. The artist has produced films, writing and has performed in plays and cabaret but her main performance focus is on Live Art actions and interactions, which she has carried out in places as diverse as Barcelona, Shanghai, Copenhagen and the Pearl River Delta. Read more here.

Tayo Aluko
Tayo Aluko was born in Nigeria, was previously an architect in Liverpool, and is now a professional playwright, actor and singer. As a baritone, he appeared as soloist at the Bridgewater Hall, accompanied by the Hallé Orchestra, and has also performed lead roles in various stage musicals, operas and oratorios. Read more here.

Zhuozhang Li
Zhuozhang Li is a Ph.D. candidate at the Centre for Architecture and the Visual Arts (CAVA), University of Liverpool; he is an transdisciplinary urban researcher, whose research and practices are established at the intersection of urban studies, visual cultural studies and critical spatial theories. Read more here.

Image credit: Richard Daniels

Peterborough Residencies:

Emily Steele
Artist Emily Steele is a freelance filmmaker, film curator and creative producer. Emily’s work primarily focuses on highlighting and exploring communities and underrepresented voices with a particular focus on Peterborough. Read more here.

Jessica Lund
Jessica Lund is a photographer from Las Vegas, Nevada, who recently moved to Peterborough, UK. Jessica explores the perception of her home through her photography. For this residency Jessica would like to broaden her perspective and tie together a sense of place and physicality in a space she is deeply unfamiliar with. Read more here.

Ryan Gilmartin
Ryan Gilmartin is a working-class creative who shines a spotlight on forgotten places and people. He creates performance for both stage and screen, whilst also being a Video DJ. As a VJ he remixes and re-edits images and video in real-time using a range of controllers from MIDI pads to Playstation controllers. Read more here.

Sandy Wardrop
Sandy is a poet and performer. His practice focuses on creating experimental poetry, especially playing with form, mimesis, and what value is added to a poem by being ‘on the page’ as opposed to being ‘performed’. Read more here.

Sarah Wood
Sarah is an artist, filmmaker, writer, and curator. Her primary focus is the found object, particularly the still and moving image, which she deploys as an act of reclamation and re-interrogation. Read more here.

Sophie Neville
Artist Sophie Neville’s practice combines traditional embroidery and textile crafts with contemporary socio-political subjects. For the residency Sophie will be researching and developing a new body of work focusing on language surrounding taste, class and women’s appearance. Read more here.

Victoria Pham
Victoria Pham is an Australian multi-media installation artist, composer, writer and evolutionary biologist currently based in the UK. Victoria’s work is driven by and informed by questions of connection to ecology, cross-cultural identity and story-telling, and decolonisation practices. Read more here.

Image credit: Ben Stewart

Southend Residencies:

Ben Stewart
Ben is from Basildon, Essex. He has a strong yet sometimes challenging relationship with his hometown, where he still lives. He describes his artistic style as Protean and enjoys a vast selection of creative pastimes including Photography, Videography & Filmmaking but he can mostly be found honing his aerosol art skills. Read more here.

Mia Jerome
Mia Jerome is an actor, director and writer from Essex. Mia is passionate about making theatre for people in low socio-economic areas, loves developing young actors and working with large ensembles. Read more here.

Richard Daniels
Richard James Daniels is a documentary photographer and videographer based in Leigh On Sea, Essex. He is considered one of the top 5 basketball photographers out there. Read more here.

Ruth Jones
Much of Ruth’s work is concerned with feminist conceptions of care, the complexities of gender identity and experience and the particular modes in which women and other marginalised genders can occupy space and be visible within the arts. Read more here.

Sadie Hasler
Sadie Hasler is a multi award-winning playwright, actor, and co Founder/Artistic Director of theatre company Old Trunk – formed a decade ago to create big bright female roles that command their own narrative. Read more here.

Sarah Judd
Sarah Judd is an illustrator and animator based in South Essex. Her work uses bright colours and ink outlines, informed by her love of mid-century illustration, and explores moments of everyday life that often go underappreciated. Read more here.

Selena Chandler
Selena is an artist, maker and researcher inspired by social histories, focusing on the intertwining of the industrial and the rural that are a feature of her Essex homeland. Selena’s work is place based, using the foraged and the found, listening to local stories and using hand work to explore past and present connections and concerns. Read more here.

Image credit: Victoria Pham

Artists-In-Residence 2021-22