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Metal was proud to host its first Permaculture course during a summers evening in July. 

The first session was packed out with 16 local people attending who all wanted to learn what permaculture is, how it can benefit our lives and how the principles can be put in place in the station garden. 

Tomas Ramierz, a renowned knowledgeable and experienced permaculture practitioner, deliver the session to our eager permaculture students. The lesson took place in one of our re-purposed railway arches in the garden. 

 permaculture 1




The students came up with a variety of design proposals for the garden and ways in which would benefit it socially, resourcefully and in a more productive way  


Socially, students came up with more accessible ways to enter the garden that isn’t the steps. Another entrance point in through the arches and one from the adjacent platform were the suggestions. 

permaculture 2

Working with schools and local community groups to invite them in to take part in gardening activities and events is key to widening the use for a mix of people, ages and groups. 

Resourcefully, a design of a water harvesting unit to capture water from a roof from the main wall was also an idea. This also doubled up as an outdoor shelter. 


For ways the garden could be more productive, the students came up with ways of where plants could be grown. To make most use of the sunshine, vertical growing was the priority.  


Once student said she had learnt so much being at the session and is really looking forward to the next session. She has a small garden which she will work on over the summer to garden more productively and ethically. 


The follow up session is on Tuesday October 10th which gives plenty of time for students to research and put into practise the new skills they have learnt. 

We have since had new volunteers sign up to volunteer in the garden on Tuesday evenings 4-7pm. To find out more about the garden or how you can get involved, email or call Andrea on or 0151 707 2277 

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