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The Project

This summer, Metal will be publishing a zine filled with experiences of being an early career artist. The zine will showcase the work of artists within the Metal New Artist Network, as well as sharing advice, motivation and/or provocations about the reality of starting a career in the arts.

It will feature up to 10 submissions from artists within the network, selected following an open call to members. Artists who submit their proposed artwork/written piece will be paid a £50 fee if selected. The successful submissions will weave together to create a cohesive narrative about the experiences of starting an arts career, or other relevant subjects. Resources from a training session held in January, hosted by Seleena Laverne Daye, will help cover some basic tips about zine making and self publishing.

One member of the Metal New Artist Network will be selected to compile the zine, receiving support from Seleena and the Metal team. They will be responsible for the production and design of the zine, bringing together copy and images to create a cohesive narrative and style. 

You must be signed up to the Metal New Artist Network to apply. Signing up is easy and can be done here.

The opportunity…

The artist who complies and designs the zine will receive a fee of  £300 and up to 4x 1 hr optional 1:1 sessions with Seleena Laverne-Daye, as well as the support of the Metal team. There will also be some resources made available following the MNAN training session with Seleena on 27 January.

There is a £200 print, materials and distribution budget as well (which Metal will hold).

What we will need from you…

  • You will help to plan the submission callout, thinking about themes and types of content/artwork you (or the network) would like to include. 
  • With help from the Metal team, you will decide which submissions to include.
  • You will need to develop the theme, lay out, paper type and style of the zine. We expect it will be approx. 20 pages (including the front and back cover) A5 size and it could be in colour or black and white.
  • You will design the front and back cover.
  • You will need to think about how to credit each artist involved.
  • You will look into printing options, and can speak to Metal about our preferred suppliers / contacts, and consider paper types and binding options within the budget.


27 Jan : Expressions of interest for Zine Producer role opens

10 Feb : Closing date

15 Feb: Applicants notified

24 Feb: Callout for Zine submissions begins

17 March: Closing date

18 April: Zine production closing date

1 May: Zine available 


To apply please send an email to with MNAN Zine Producer in the subject line by 6pm on Tuesday 10 February

Please include: 

  • Some information on your creative journey so far, who or what might inspire your zine / design and why this is a good opportunity for you. 
  • If you have some recent examples of your work, then please attach this to the email and/or include a link to a website or Instagram.  
  • Confirmation on whether the commitment/delivery time works  for you.
  • Any additional support you might need in order to deliver this work (or an access rider, if you have one). 
  • Video and audio expressions of interest are welcome, with a max of 5 minutes.

Your work will be held on file confidentially, and through applying for this opportunity you will be added to our internal bank of artists whom we recommend to partners and contact for future opportunities. 

Image Credit: Jane McNeil

Call Out: Metal New Artist Network Zine Producer