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Callout for Volunteers – Metal Peterborough

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AFTER SCHOOL CLUB – Volunteer Opportunity: Metal are looking for enthusiastic people who would like to volunteer in our new exhibition.   About the Exhibition: Metal is working in partnership with Vivacity to bring you a special exhibition of work by Peterborough’s extraordinary art teachers. Teachers of Peterborough dedicate an enormous amount of time to […]

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Do you have memories of Liverpool in 1967?

Do you have memories of Liverpool in 1967?

From 3 – 17 March Irish artist Ruth McHugh will use the first stage of her METAL Time and Space Residency to research and develop Spectres of Modernity II in Liverpool.. Her project Spectres of Modernity ( recorded the demolition of the final remains of Ballymun, Ireland’s most recognisable high-rise housing. From ongoing engagement with […]

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The second instalment of  SPARK, our fabulous art course for young people, has seen some amazing Zine work from the young creatives under Lu Williams’ wing. So good in fact we’ve decided to have a Zine Fair to show it all off to their proud parents & friends! Find out more about SPARK and how […]

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Change Maker Blog: Allies….

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CHANGE MAKERS BLOG October 2nd 2017 – Change Maker Blog: Allies….    Welly O’Brien and Kate Marsh – in rehearsal. Image by – the artists   What does it mean when we speak out for others? When we verbally or physically express our belief in or support for another person or group of people. The […]

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Change Maker Blog: Permission 


August 2nd 2017 – Change Maker Blog: Permission  Photo by Ruth Campbell – Rob Hesp, Luke Pell, Kitty Fedorec and Kate Marsh   In the two Labs that have taken place so far, I have been pretty vocal in my enthusiasm to get to the part where we all move together, make contact with each […]

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Change Makers Blog: June 30th 2017 – Change Maker Artist’s Labs at Metal

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CHANGE MAKERS BLOG June 30th 2017 – Change Maker Artist’s Labs at Metal (Julie Cleves – photo by Kate Marsh) As a person with a disability, a disabled person, a dis-ah-blayed[1] person or (Dis)abled[2] person or a weirdo[3] I have often spoken about my enjoyment in defining myself as ‘different’. This has not always been […]

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We’d love you to join us for the launch of Spiky Black, a collaboration between artists Alison Carlier & Amanda Loomes this Wednesday 14 June between 5pm and 7pm.  The work is being hosted as part of NetPark, the world’s first digital art park in Chalkwell Park and offers a transformative audio layer to the experience of Chalkwell Park […]

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Call Out: Question Time Cabaret


‘Question Time Cabaret’, by Talia Randall: “a fun, rowdy and political knees-up” A commission for Planet B festival in Peterborough… –  A night of variety performances from artists responding to issues of feminism, immigration/migration & climate change, taking place on Aug 11th –  These performances will be mixed in with a Question Time style panel where well known and community experts […]

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Selected Artists: Development LAB


Metal and Change Maker Associate Producer Kate Marsh are very happy to announce the selected Metal LAB participants. Following a national call-out and an unprecedented response of 177 applications, the selected group of 25 artists will attend intensive week long development sessions exploring through movement ‘the in-between’ that sits beyond the ’normative’ and ‘othered’ body. […]

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Re: development – Inside The Green Backyard A Collaborative Networked Exhibition

8_Jessie Brennan_Courgette__cyanotype_Inside The Green Backyard (Opportunity Area)_2015-16_[40-5 x 39-9 cm]

Re: development – Inside The Green Backyard A Collaborative Networked Exhibition Jessie Brennan, ‘Courgette’, cyanotype, from Inside The Backyard (Opportunity Area), 2015–6.   After five years hard work by its volunteers and incredible public support, The Green Backyard, a community growing project in Peterborough run entirely by volunteers, is no longer threatened with redevelopment: the owners […]

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Artist Commissions: Planet B


Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) is looking for artists of all art forms to deliver commissions of up to £5k as part of Planet B, Peterborough’s Green Festival initiative. The charity Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) exists to protect and enhance the environment, in Peterborough and beyond. PECT has organised a Green Festival in the […]

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