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A beautiful piece featured in The Guardian focusing on the inspirational landscape of the Thames Estuary and what can happen when you go a-walking.

Joanne O’Connor spoke to Colette about what made the place so inspiring for artists, to which she replied,  “It’s unknowable, it’s full of mystery, and it has endless stories, some of which are really hidden, quite literally under the water. Before planes, this was the major route into the country, so all of history has passed through here.”

This imposing changeable strip of the Thames where sea becomes river is always a subject of conversation, inspiration, and contemplation, but never more so than now as we gear up for Estuary Festival 2016. As the nation’s press pick up on the massive undertaking of such an event – and the art, themes & discourse that fall under its umbrella – we see our locale taking the attention with nothing but its usual cool. Such rivers are bigger than us; perhaps that is why we are drawn to them.


Estuary Festival & Colette in The Guardian

Estuary Festival & Colette in The Guardian


Colette & the River in The Guardian