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Activity Packs: Consequences in your own home

Download our activity pack here:

We appreciate that people are at home looking for things to do together – or you may be more limited about who you can connect to at the moment. The original Consequences workshops were only for groups of women, but these activities are for all ages and all genders and you can do them at home.

How it works:

  1. Download the different activity Pack (new ones will be regularly added)
  2. You decide who you do the activity with – with your son / daughter, your aunt, carer, neighbour. This might be in person – if you live with someone – or over the phone or online. This can even be on your own – just thinking through the question as you doodle. All that we ask is that you consider how you discuss the question dependant on who you are with.
  3. Carry out the activity whilst discussing the question. The activities will just use materials you can find around the home, this could be, paper, a newspaper, a magazine, cereal box, pencils, felt tip pens or biros for example. Chat for as long as you need or how long feels natural. See where the conversation goes. If you are home alone or on the phone you can just doodle or do the activity with yourself.
  4. Optional: You can then share your results with us and we can share each other’s results so you feel a bit more connected. We would LOVE to hear from you.
    1. Write 3 words or statements linked to what you talked about
    2. Take a picture of your drawing
    3. Share with us, send it to or post it and tag us on facebook (@metalpeterborough) / twitter (@metalpeterb) and using the #WhatAreTheConsequences. Just send / tag us this by the end of Monday.
    4. Tell us how it went. This is an experiment so we’re keen to learn what works and what doesn’t

More information about our Consequences project here.

Consequences Activity Pack