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From 3 – 17 March Irish artist Ruth McHugh will use the first stage of her METAL Time and Space Residency to research and develop Spectres of Modernity II in Liverpool..

Her project Spectres of Modernity ( recorded the demolition of the final remains of Ballymun, Ireland’s most recognisable high-rise housing. From ongoing engagement with the inhabitants, the site and its history, a lens-based exhibition evolved which took the utopian ideals of modernist architecture in relation to the modular styles of 1967 (the year ‘The Flats’ were first inhabited) as its point of departure.

In Liverpool she will be engaging with modernist architecture with an Irish connection from the same time-period, 1967. She wishes to learn about the Liverpool/Irish experience of this time and the relationship of the community to the distinctive cultural explosion and changing urban space.

She is looking to meet groups or individuals who have memories of this time to share them for an audio recording that will help form a new film work.

If you are interested in getting involved please contact Ruth McHugh by email