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Future Network Shorts #1

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Future Network Shorts #1

Opening: 28/05/20 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM | Free


Hosted online, every last Thursday of the month from May 2020.
At each event, 6 artists from across the UK will each host a 10 minute sharing of work, performance, conversations or experimentation.

First event :

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Future Network Shorts is a new digital programme from Metal.
It has been developed from existing live events which take place at all Metal venues (
Future Network in Peterborough, Future Park in Southend and Future Station in Liverpool). Through this programme, we aim to financially support artists through and beyond the testing time of COVID-19 and connect them with online audiences through diverse, entertaining and engaging content.

Each month from May 2020, Metal will host Future Network Shorts – the last Thursday of each month.
The event runs as a mini online ‘festival’. Across the day, 6 different artists will make appearances throughout the day, or host work digitally for you to engage with – this might be via a Zoom call, a digital workshop, a live performance on our social media channels or a virtual exhibition / article on our website.
Similar to the ‘3 Min Wonders’ format which is often used in Metal’s programming, these 10 minute slots are open for artists to test out ideas, perform, showcase work, hold conversations, experiment and take risks.

There is no set format. We look forward to presenting podcast sections, discussions, how to guides, dance, short talks, workshops, scratch shows and much more, hosted live by artists from their homes.

As this is a programme shared across all 3 Metal sites, the best place to get all the info is by following Metal Culture UK on social media. Follow @MetalCultureUK on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as not to miss out! Here, we will announce our artists, their set times and digital access information.

ARTISTS – Future Network Short #1


1pm – Instagram Live – Broken Biscuits – Amina Atiq

Amina Atiq will be sharing her thoughts and ideas under lockdown as she continues to develop her play, Broken Biscuits. Broken Biscuits is a one woman show, inviting the audience to a Yemeni-British household as she unfolds what it means to belong on the streets of Liverpool. Commissioned by DadaFest.

Over the past 7 weeks she has learned really quickly that digital technology has influenced her creative process to think effectively and strategically as a creator. But she has been conflicted with the idea of theatre online. She will be sharing her short journey how she has developed her play so far, what her expectations are for the future and how lockdown has encouraged to takes risks and think bigger.

Amina Atiq is a Yemeni–Scouse writer, performance artist and activist. Atiq’s work explores the conflict and beauty of her dual identity, taking us on a journey to her heartland, Yemen, and her homeland, Liverpool. She is currently producing and writing her first one-woman show, exploring a 1970s Yemeni- British household to untangle what it means to belong.

Read Aimna’s blog piece here and watch her interviews as part of ‘Broken Biscuits’. 


2pm  – Instgram live – #feelingallthefeelings –  Maria Amidu

Maria started writing #feelingallthefeelings to create a space to share and suggest emotional strategies for coping with the dissonance we are all experiencing in this current situation. Maria has since received a lot of feedback about making it into a book and/or exhibition.

Join Maria on Instagram Live during her Future Network Short for a chat about the possibilities and potential of this, giving you opportunities to share feedback and suggestions. #feelingallthefeelings is available to read here: www.mariaand.co/window

As a visual artist and writer my creative concerns are influenced by the scope and significance of common experiences. I am interested in the relationships between people and place and what is hidden, obscured or unspoken in various social situations. I use these elements as a means to try and substantiate myriad lived experiences. The form my work takes is often artist’s books and site-specific, print and photographic installations. I also utilise my craft practice and makes works in wax, plaster and cast glass.www.mariaand.co


3pm – Instsgram Live – CROSS_BORDER_BALANCE – A GAME  – Tanja Erhart + Katharina Senk

Join Tanja Erhart, a female, three-legged dancer with her two crutches connected from London UK and Katharina Senk, a female, two – legged dancer connected from Vienna AUT on Instagram Live. They’ll be sharing what the crutches teach us about the pressures and pleasure of balancing. Watch their video on IGTV and then join them on Instagram live at 3pm for a discussion and Q +A about their video piece.

Watch the film prior to their discussion and Q + A…

CROSS_BORDER_GAME was kindly supported by brut Wien

Tanja Erhart is a self-identified dis-abled, independent dance artist and cultural scientist from Austria living in London.  Her movement practice explores her three different bodies – ‘with my crutches, my wheelchair or without assistive tools.’. Katharina Senk is an Austrian dance-artist, based in Vienna. In her artistic practice Katharina looks for ways to join her interests in (post)humanism and inclusion with her knowledge from the fields of dance, martial-arts and movement.

Tanja and Katharina have been collaborating and dancing together for over two years. They take a great interest in the aesthetics of access and how to create multisensorial performances. In their artistic research they are diving into the territory of the unknown by exploring ways of how Tanja’s crutches ‘move us rather than how they can move them’.

tanjaerh.art and www.katharinasenk.com/


6pm – Instagram Live – Amy Pennington

Join Amy on Instgram Live where she will be showing a short film, followed by an insight into the ideas behind it, the archived footage used and where she plans to take it next.

Amy Pennington’s new video work 4:3 also examines the artist’s experiences of growing up queer under Section 28 in a small northern town; with nowhere to go apart from television. 4:3 is the former aspect ratio of televisions. Growing up 4:3 was my ratio, my limited square portal to a queer education. Using the few queer characters I sought out on telly, watched, rewatched, and studied as a child – from Willow & Tara in Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Ellen coming out to Oprah, this work explores re-performance as a form of remembering, of re-learning. Did I fancy them or do I just wish I was them? Like Lacan’s mirror stage, but the stage has gone a bit queer.”

Through green-screen and a bad temporal dragging of these quintessentially naff, but precious moments in TV history, they hope to simulate the queer imaginary spaces they created for themselves as a child.

Amy’s practice focuses on people, collaboration and everyday spaces. She uses drawing, DIY film and improvised performance in her work, often sparking conversations about our identities and experiences. In 2014 she set up ‘Mildmay Collective’ with care home residents and joined trans-led queer friendly hairdressers ‘Open Barbers’ for a 6 month residency in 2016. Amy has been commissioned by TATE Liverpool, Battersea Art Centre, PEER, In-Situ and LADA. amypennington.co.uk/


7pm – Instagram Live – Sarah Blanc

Sarah Blanc will be sharing an excerpt from her solo show My Feminist Boner. A fierce, funny one- women dance comedy show about breaking down the rules of beauty

“I am an Irish loud mouth choreographer and performer based in Walthamstow, London”. Her work sits on the perimeter of dance and theatre and has been described as ‘dance meets theatre meets stand-up’. Both her solo practice and work with Moxie Brawl reflects her desire to create work that connects with people, that people can experience and engage with.

Some of Sarah’s works include – My Feminist Boner, a fierce, funny one- women dance comedy show about breaking down the rules of beauty. History of Ireland – a fun political dance theatre piece for 5 women and a sack of potatoes. Or appearing as Tracey, your average Oliva Newton-John, Royal family obsessed, working mens club aerobic instructor from Dagenham.


8.05pm -Instagram Live – Psychedelic Capitalism 102: H y p e r infantilization – George Maund

Psychedelic Capitalism 102: H y p e r infantilization is an experimental lecture / audio-visual presentation inspired by (and kind of about) TED talks, Silicon Valley microdosing, and ‘onesie’ culture.

George \m/ is a (recovering) musician, producer and performer with a predisposition toward the transient, the instant; the spontaneous, and the temporary. Since being locked down, he has attempted to erase the ‘ex-‘ from his moniker as ‘ex-artist’. In summer of 2016 George founded egalitarian club night Cartier 4 Everyone. He was a founding member of Ex-Easter Island Head, along with tenures in live acts such as Stig Noise Sound System and a.P.A.t.T. George has been Liverpool-based since 2005.

Get involved :

If you’re interested in featuring in Future Network Shorts, please get in touch. We’d like to hear a bit about your art practice, and your idea on 10 minute sharing. We welcome new and existing work. Send to


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