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Future Network Shorts #10

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Future Network Shorts #10

Opening: 25/03/21 1:00 PM – 8:30 PM | Free



Hosted online, every last Thursday of the month.
At each event, 6 artists from across the UK will each host a 20 minute sharings of work, performance, conversations or experimentation.


THURS 25 March 2021


1pm – Lou Macnamara & Kyla Harris
Instagram Live

Kyla and Lou, the co-directors of It’s Personal, a reality-tv, documentary hybrid will present clips from the film followed by an open discussion about the project.

It’s Personal (2021): Kyla requires 24hour care with everything from making artwork to having a wee; struggling with a care shortage during the pandemic, she asks filmmaker friend Lou to swap cameras for catheters and learn how to assist her in a refreshingly personal perspective of the care crisis in Britain today.

Kyla Harris is a filmmaker, writer and activist who explores the perspective of ‘the Other’, including relationships with the body, capitalism and normativity.  Kyla is the creator of The Other Screen, film events dedicated to the perception of disabled people and the d/Deaf community. She recently co-directed and wrote the film It’s Personal, commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella.

Lou Macnamara works as a cinematographer and camera assistant. They co-directed and shot the Keenie Meenie (2020), a short documentary described by Ken Loach as: “Important, dangerous and must be screened.” Alongside making documentaries Lou is one third of curatorial collective, 12ø.


In a bedroom filled with daylight, Kyla, a mixed heritage woman in her 30s, sits on a raised bed and looks intently through a digital video camera. She films Lou, a white woman in her 20s who sits in Kyla’s power chair for the first time. Lou is focused as she tries to reverse.

2pm – Ross Dalziel

Instagram Live – Interspecies Gaming

Ross Dalziel shares some prototype kits for playing with ‘model organisms’ –  organisms the biomedical life sciences learn from and collaborate with – made in online collaboration with the 3D Print Club of the Neuromuscular Centre distributed across the northwest over lockdown. Join us to reflect on human and non-human mutations from genetic databases to eBay shops and making DIY PPE together

Ross is an artist and researcher who sets up activity, events & makes systems to explore how knowledge is produced and shared – who makes it, where they make it, how and why.



Black 3D Printed ant farm pyramid house in a clear perspex box

 3pm: Vicky Wild and Aryana Ramkhalawon

Instagram live – Mitigating Circumstances

Join Vicky Wild and Aryana Ramkhalawon on Instagram live as they take a nostalgic look back at the weird and wonderful ways that we coped with exam pressure during our school days – They invite you to share your memories too! Vicky and Aryana will perform a work-in-progress excerpt of their latest coming of age drama – ‘Mitigating Circumstances’ that tells the story of a student who manages to break free from the shackles of her ‘child genius’ reputation on the morning of her first GCSE exam.  

Vicky and Aryana are co-writer actors committed to telling the stories of ambitious people from rural areas through a multi-faith/multi-cultural lens. They want to offer a voice to younger generations that tousle between traditional values, the modern world and finding their calling. 

Aryana and Vicky were compelled to write together to express their shared life experiences and sense of humour. They endeavour to make bold and unexpected artistic choices that compel audiences to dig deeper and engage in hot topic discussions.

Aryana trained at Guildford School of Acting and has worked extensively as an actor on stage (Kiln Theatre, English Touring Theatre, National Theatre of Scotland) and screen (Call the Midwife, Jamillah & Aladdin, Waterloo Road). Vicky trained at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and has performed on stage (Chapterhouse Theatre Company, Eastern Angles), screen (The Royal Hibiscus Hotel) and more recently on radio as a BBC New Creative.

One woman wearing a yellow waterproof jacket and one woman wearing a black polo neck shirt in front of a yellow New York style taxi

6pm – Jessica Reeves
Instagram Live

Jessica Reeves is an artist from Southend-on-Sea, where she manages the Project Space for The Other MA (TOMA), an artist-run art education programme. Jess is currently studying BA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins university, whilst working other part-time precarious jobs.

In one part of Jess’ practice, she embraces the amateurism of DIY and craft skills, she uses low-hierarchy materials such as household waste. Recycled paper and organic matter, for example, are a practical choice due to their abundancy and accessibility. Jess finds a richness in working with materials which have already had a lifespan – more so than starting with a blank canvas – because aesthetic decisions must be given over somewhat to the material, creating an exciting unpredictability.

Ironically during the COVID-19 lockdowns, Jess has felt more compelled than ever to collaborate and make work that is participatory. She is interested in how the pandemic has blurred the lines between artist and non-artist and highlighted who accesses art and how.

Within her Future Network Short sharing, Jess will be sharing an insight to her current projects and thoughts, as she works towards graduation next summer.

Wall painted yellow and white with a series of paintings on recycled card canvases mounted and placed on breezeblocks. The paintings are silhouettes of various jugs and pots, with some card canvases unpainted.


7pm – Bite! Theatre

Instagram Live

Bite! Theatre is a North-West based theatre company, founded in 2019 by like-minded women to create challenging work that explores the female experience. ‘Bite!’ create ‘Sour Theatre’ – cutting edge work that is politically charged, incredibly quirky and unapologetically female. They are committed to championing female artists and supporting their creative development, offering opportunities to devise and perform. As a company founded by Northern Women – they are keen to combat both androcentric and London-centric notions of theatre by bringing their own distinct brand of zestful, lively performance to Liverpool’s rich cultural performance scene.

Join ‘Bite! Theatre’ co-founders Chloe Robinson and Charlotte Patterson in conversation about the founding and development of ‘Bite!’ and an excerpt from their upcoming podcast, ‘Ladies Who…’


Two women superimposed in front of a pink and yellow graphic design background, and large blue text in capitals “Unapologetically Female Theatre”

8pm Lamphouse Theatre Company

Instagram Live

You know Queen Elizabeth I? Ginger hair, big dresses, lots of makeup. You know her. Ok. So, now imagine that she wasn’t actually Queen Elizabeth I at all, she was in fact a boy called Neville. 

Mad isn’t it? It’s an urban legend, mooted by none other than Bram Stoker (yep, that Bram Stoker). According to Bram, young Elizabeth died, just as her father Henry VIII was about to visit. In a panic, the house staff replaced her with a boy from the local village, in a dress.

When Lamphouse first heard this conspiracy theory their instant reaction was “that’s a musical waiting to be written”. Think Hedwig and the Angry Inch crossed with Fleabag; opera meets rock ’n’ roll!

During their residency with Metal Becky and Tom of Lamphouse Theatre wrote a series of songs that have given them the basis for a musical, as part of their Future Network Shorts they will share a few of their favourites!

Lamphouse Theatre is a Peterborough based theatre company committed to making work for Peterborough, touring the surrounding areas and nationally. They tell epic stories in intimate settings, packed with live music, comedy and spontaneity. Lamphouse performs with a playful mischief and create events accessible to all who attend and participate in them. 


Two women and one man wearing red flowing shirts singing into a microphones in front of a silver metallic tinsel curtain

Follow @MetalCultureUK for updates.

Future Network Shorts is a digital programme from Metal, developed from existing live events which take place at all Metal venues (Future Network in Peterborough, Future Park in Southend and Future Station in Liverpool). This programme originated as part of a revised programme, aiming to financially support artists through and beyond the testing time of COVID-19 and connect them with online audiences through diverse, entertaining and engaging content.

Future Network Shorts takes place on the last Thursday of each month.
The event runs as a mini online ‘festival’. Across the day, 6 different artists will make appearances throughout the day, or host work digitally for you to engage with – this might be via a Zoom call, a digital workshop, a live performance on our social media channels or a virtual exhibition / article on our website. Similar to the ‘3 Min Wonders’ format which is often used in Metal’s programming, these 10 minute slots are open for artists to test out ideas, perform, showcase work, hold conversations, experiment and take risks.

As this is a programme shared across all 3 Metal sites, the best place to get all the info is by following Metal Culture UK on social media. Follow @MetalCultureUK on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as not to miss out! Here, we will announce our artists, set times and digital access information.



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