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Future Network Shorts #6

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Future Network Shorts #6

Opening: 29/10/20 1:00 PM – 8:30 PM | Free



Hosted online, every last Thursday of the month.
At each event, 6 artists from across the UK will each host a 20 minute sharings of work, performance, conversations or experimentation.


THURS 29 October 2020

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Future Network Shorts is a digital programme from Metal, developed from existing live events which take place at all Metal venues (Future Network in Peterborough, Future Park in Southend and Future Station in Liverpool). This programme originated as part of a revised programme, aiming to financially support artists through and beyond the testing time of COVID-19 and connect them with online audiences through diverse, entertaining and engaging content.

Future Network Shorts takes place on the last Thursday of each month.
The event runs as a mini online ‘festival’. Across the day, 6 different artists will make appearances throughout the day, or host work digitally for you to engage with – this might be via a Zoom call, a digital workshop, a live performance on our social media channels or a virtual exhibition / article on our website.
Similar to the ‘3 Min Wonders’ format which is often used in Metal’s programming, these 10 minute slots are open for artists to test out ideas, perform, showcase work, hold conversations, experiment and take risks.

There is no set format.
We look forward to presenting podcast sections, discussions, how to guides, dance, short talks, workshops, scratch shows and much more, hosted live by artists from their homes.



1PM: Rowena Gander – Pol(e)arity of Self

Instagram Live

As a dance theatre artist, Rowena Gander creates thought provoking solo performance works that question and negotiate themes of sexuality, power and objectification in women. Since 2015 Rowena has worked with stigmatised objects; the vertical pole and high heels, to tease out how they can add to or dissolve female subordination. Her consistent questioning has allowed the artist to generate a body of work that is topical, powerful and unique, and she has presented her work at festivals including Physical Fest, Resolutions, Secret Circus, Threshold Festival, Cirqadia and Leap Festival.

Pol(e)arity of Self is a physical screen work in process that explores a variety of contradictions that exist in the context of pole dance and audience gaze. Throughout, the artist highlights a self that is active and in control, as well as a self that feels somewhat trapped and objectified.

Watch Pol(e)arity of Self on Instagram TV then join Rowena on Instagram Live where she will be answering questions about the development of this work and then facilitating an accessible movement task that explores one of the creative methods used within the process of creating this screen work.

Watch Pol(e)arity of Self available in advance on IGTV 

Live discussion and Q&A on Instagram Live



2PM: Rebecca Moss

Instagram Live

Rebecca Moss (born in Essex, UK) is an artist whose work critically examines heroic narratives through absurdist gestures, which can take a wide variety of forms across performance, video and sculpture. She is particularly interested in how interventions and gestures informed by slapstick comedy can speak to power through humour, and are intensified by a feminist perspective.  

Rebecca is currently developing new work for Jerwood Survey, nominated by artist collaborators Wood & Harrison. Her work International Waters, which tells the story of the time she became stuck on an art residency aboard a bankrupt container ship, is currently featured in the exhibition The Sea is Glowing, at Rijeka European City of Culture 2020. 



3PM: Aïcha El Beloui

Instagram Live

Join Aïcha on Instagram live where she will be sharing the narrative of her relationship to illustration, and how this simple and strong medium is allowing her to interact with habitats and inhabitants in the most intimate and informative way, and to highlight the invisible experiences in the urban environment.

Born in Casablanca, Aïcha El Beloui is a trained architect working as an illustrator, creative director, and graphic designer. Responding to a need to express the invisible urban experience, Aïcha uses research, interviews, drawing, and animation to represent the unwritten narratives present in urban human habitat through its habitants; works produced are displayed in public space.


6PM: Able Zine

Instagram Live

Able Zine is a publication and creative agency based in London, UK. Able works with volunteers and creative collaborators around the world, to lend voices from and visibility to the disabled community.

As an agency they provide creative consultation, model casting, public speaking, content creation and curation.

Able Zine seeks to increase representation for disabled and chronically ill creatives, young people and communities, both online and IRL. Able encourages dialogue and visibility within the topics of Disability, Health, Illness, Injury. As well as encouraging thought and awareness around key issues like accessibility, community care and representation. Their aim is to tackle ableism and discrimination through vivid, informative content and provide opportunities for those who may have previously been stigmatised or unwelcome in creative and cultural spaces.

“We hope to offer a safe space to submit, learn and explore all experiences of physical, mental and environmental health, diversity and disability, without policing and gatekeeping (i.e the intimidating stuff that makes talking and learning about this stuff sometimes difficult.) We want to change the image of disability, to reflect the multi-dimensional and multi-racial community we are.”



7PM: Kiara Mohamed – Coming Back to Myself

Instagram Live 

Kiara Mohamed is a multidisciplinary Muslim trans artist based in Liverpool. He works with photography, filmmaking, poetry. His work is primarily concerned with addressing the intersections of race, gender, sexuality and self care. Particularly in relation to forms of community and social responsibility. 

Join Kiara on Instagram live for their Future Network Short ‘Coming Back to Myself’

‘During the first Lockdown I was shielding due to a poor immune system. Like many people across the country and the world during this time, I was forced with the contemplation of myself. Who am I? What is my purpose? Do I matter? Why does art matter to me? These questions led me on a painful but exhilarating journey back to myself. I am a Black, disabled, trans artist. A parent. A friend. And I matter. You matter. Let’s talk about how we have been coming back to ourselves this year’

shop: https://aquariusrising3.bigcartel.com


8PM: Melody Sproates – BUFF

Instagram Live 

Melody Sproates is a trans / non-binary theatre maker, writer, facilitator and cabaret performer from Newcastle. They make challenging and sometimes daft work to help represent the underrepresented and advocate positive well-being for the LGBTQIA+ community. They have worked on and toured theatre shows such as *gender not included, Raising Shame (BRASH) and ReTake ReMake (The Lawnmowers Theatre company). Their current work, Stay home stay queer, is a free creative arts project aimed at young, isolated LGBTQIA+ people who are living in unaccepting homes. 

For Melody’s sharing they will presenting, BUFF. BUFF is an – almost – autobiographical monologue about Dads, gender, masculinity he-man and Bill Murray in every single movie ever. 

Get involved :

To show your interest in filling a sharing slot, please send a brief outline (no more than 300 words) of what you would like to share and on which digital platform. (Zoom, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Metal’s Website, or any other platforms you like to use). Each month, we look forward to hosting 6 x artists from across the UK.
Send your proposals to paige@metalculture.com

As this is a programme shared across all 3 Metal sites, the best place to get all the info is by following Metal Culture UK on social media. Follow @MetalCultureUK on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as not to miss out! Here, we will announce our artists, set times and digital access information.


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