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Future Network Shorts #7

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Future Network Shorts #7

Opening: 26/11/20 1:00 PM – 8:30 PM | Free



Hosted online, every last Thursday of the month.
At each event, 6 artists from across the UK will each host a 20 minute sharings of work, performance, conversations or experimentation.


THURS 26 November 2020


1pm: Max Palmer

2pm: Madhu Manipatruni

3pm: Michelle Peterkin Walker

6pm: Tia Howell

7pm: Matty May

8pm: Yvonne Hercules


1pm: Max Palmer – Instagram Live

Introspection: Audio/Visual Processes 

Max Palmer is a Motion Designer bringing abstract forms and compositions to life with animation and sound design. His practice explores the relationship between audial and visual elements, as a powerful tool to convey a concept and create something really compelling and he is always experimenting in ways to expand and build on his practice and optimise work processes along the way. 

Watch ‘Introspection’ on @metalcultureuk’s Instagram Live the join Max for a discussion about his processes and the making of this animation.  




2pm: Madhu Manipatruni  – Instagram Live

Madhu is a multidisciplinary artist living in Cambridgeshire, UK.  She recently completed Artist in residence at Nene Park Trust, a 700 acre green space serving the city of Peterborough and a remote residency with Metal. Her practice includes drawing, painting and digital works. Her works explores the ideas  of feminism through her cultural roots in India.

She holds an MA in Creative Technology from De Montfort University, Leicester. She engages with digital tools as collaborator to create drawings that are visually exciting and innovative. She makes Kinetic drawings using ink and experimental tools. These drawings are used as basis for the generative artworks. Her work has been exhibited across UK and India. 

For Madhu’s Future Network Short, she will be sharing her practice, recent works made throughout her residency at Nene Park and how she plans to develop these. Madhu is keen to get audience feedback on the work she has created and what her next steps could be. 


Website:  www.madoodl.co.uk


3pm: Michelle Peterkin-Walker – Instagram Live

Politics of Plants – Creating Dikenga’s in L8’s urban gardens.

Join Michelle on Instagram Live to hear more about her project ‘Politics of Plants’.

Politics of Plants is a collaborative project to create Dikengas or ‘Kongo cosmograms’ within Granby’s urban gardens. In her Future Network Short, Michelle will discuss the development of this project, with the support of International Slavery Museum, and her work with participants to create Dikenga art works that recreate African ancestral symbolism that existed in the gardens of enslaved Africans. The Dikengas have become a permanent feature in L8’s Granby Winter Garden & Resilience garden, encouraging participants to visit local gardens, explore African heritage and Liverpool’s involvement in transatlantic slavery.

Michelle Peterkin- Walker is a socially engaged artist, activist and videographer. Her practice combines photography and design to create digital artworks and often focuses on positive everyday images of life that take inspiration from people, places, symbols within African history and culture.


6pm: Tia Howell – Instagram Live

Tia will be sharing an introduction to her current painting practice and influences.

My work is autobiographical focusing on dramatising the everyday; I like the idea of creating wonderment and fantasy by imitating and warping reality via the colours, narrative and voice present in my work. I define myself as a painter and I’m currently interested in viewing my work as a form of auto-fiction meaning my paintings present fictional imagery that’s heavily influenced by my daily life. Due to this, my emotions and feelings towards my current lifestyle and the world around me heavily effect the content and context of the work.



7pm : Matty May – Instagram Love

Matty May is a working-class queer artist and full time Barking babe. Unashamedly common as muck, sometimes funny and often anxious. His work is honest, vulnerable and a little uncomfortable. Matty’s debut solo show ‘If You Love Me This Might Hurt’ had a sell out run at Camden People’s Theatre in 2019 and is under further development for a 2021 return. Matty is the Associate Director of Scottee & Friends leading projects including ‘The Queer Wall’ ‘Bleeps & Bloops’ and Assistant Directing Scottee’s Class. Locally Matty is one of the lead artists on the Be & Do project, as well as co-host of the ‘Back to Ours’ podcast. Matty is also a proud member of the Working Class Artists Group.



8pm: Yvonne Hercules: – Instagram Live

Yvonne Hercules is a singer-songwriter based in London. Inspired by Folk, Blues, Rock & Soul, her music is a culmination of these genres with a discerning edge underpinned by honest, thought-provoking lyrics.

In 2018 Yvonne was announced as a recipient of PRS for Music’s renowned Women Make Music award which part-funded the release of her debut EP Gladiolus, released the 6th of June 2018. Her music has received nods from publications such as Clash Magazine, The Line of Best Fit, Afropunk, BBC Introducing and others. Yvonne has recently completed a 16 week residency with Nene Park Art Residency Programme and Arts Council, supported using public funding by Arts Council England. As part of her residency, she explored the human relationship with nature and the need for humanity to care for nature in the same way nature has served and cared for us.

For Future Network Shorts, Yvonne will be performing 2 of the songs she wrote as part of her residency and will also be sharing further unreleased material, her goal being to find a way to connect with an audience in a digital format. 


Photo Credit Hannah Somer




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Future Network Shorts is a digital programme from Metal, developed from existing live events which take place at all Metal venues (Future Network in Peterborough, Future Park in Southend and Future Station in Liverpool). This programme originated as part of a revised programme, aiming to financially support artists through and beyond the testing time of COVID-19 and connect them with online audiences through diverse, entertaining and engaging content.

Future Network Shorts takes place on the last Thursday of each month.
The event runs as a mini online ‘festival’. Across the day, 6 different artists will make appearances throughout the day, or host work digitally for you to engage with – this might be via a Zoom call, a digital workshop, a live performance on our social media channels or a virtual exhibition / article on our website.
Similar to the ‘3 Min Wonders’ format which is often used in Metal’s programming, these 10 minute slots are open for artists to test out ideas, perform, showcase work, hold conversations, experiment and take risks.

There is no set format.
We look forward to presenting podcast sections, discussions, how to guides, dance, short talks, workshops, scratch shows and much more, hosted live by artists from their homes.

Get involved :

To show your interest in filling a sharing slot, please send a brief outline (no more than 300 words) of what you would like to share and on which digital platform. (Zoom, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Metal’s Website, or any other platforms you like to use). Each month, we look forward to hosting 6 x artists from across the UK.
Send your proposals to paige@metalculture.com

As this is a programme shared across all 3 Metal sites, the best place to get all the info is by following Metal Culture UK on social media. Follow @MetalCultureUK on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as not to miss out! Here, we will announce our artists, set times and digital access information.



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