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Metal New Artist Network : Getting Paid with Kei Maye & Emma Edmondson

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Metal New Artist Network : Getting Paid with Kei Maye & Emma Edmondson

Opening: 10/09/20 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM | Free

A free online training and networking session, as part of Metal New Artist Network.
Hosted by guest artists Kei Maye & Emma Edmondson

To receive booking information for this and all future training events, please sign up to Metal New Artist Network by clicking here.

You be asked to fill in a survey in order to register – just a few questions that will help us shape any offer, to help make sure we get it right.

Early career artists can include:
● those who are aged 18+ in their 1st to 4th year of creative practice, post-student status (if applicable)
● those who left school and did not enter Higher Education but still keep up a regular creative practice
● those who have recently graduated in the past three years
● those who have entered the arts later in life after pursuing a different occupation and are within the first four years of this.

About this session

This month we are delighted to be joined by two guest speakers. Kei Maye (creative coach, designer and founder of Creative Champs) and Emma Edmondson (visual artist, educator and founder of The Other MA).

In this session, Kei and Emma will be giving insights into an often overlooked part of creative practice – getting paid.

Kei will be shining a light on the different ways to generate income using creative skills and mediums, working out what to sell and looking at pricing methods for different kinds of products and services.

Emma will be exploring transparent ways of working, making sure you get paid fairly and alternative economies exploring the many different ways artists survive and make money alongside their practice, creating funding streams to make your work.

We invite artists of all art forms to join us at this session and use our Q&A time to ask any specific questions you might have.

The zoom link for this session will be emailed to you in the week of the event.

Event Format

A bi-monthly training and networking event on the 2nd Thursday of each month on Zoom. The themes will respond to the survey responses and are aimed specifically at early career artists.

Format:1.5 hours – 20 minutes with Kei, 20 minutes with Emma, 20 minutes Q&A for both speakers, followed by 30 minutes of informal networking.

About the artists

Kei Maye

Kei is a creative coach and digital content creator from London with over 15 years industry experience. Previously working as a freelance graphic designer before pivoting into selling art based products. Kei is the founder and director of Creative Champs; a platform for visual creators and creative business owners. Helping to make the creative journey a lot easier to navigate through resources, online education and coaching.



Emma Edmondson

Emma Edmondson is an artist who also works in education from Southend on Sea. Studying and graduating during the 2008 financial crash and tuition fee rises, investigations into hierarchies, precarity, dystopian survival and utopian community are at the centre of her research and practice. She uses sculpture, print, sound, and text, exploring her interests directly via her work in art education.

In 2016 Edmondson founded TOMA (The Other MA), a postgraduate level art programme outside of the traditional institutional model. Designed to fit the everyday lives of 21st century artists, the programme is shaped by its participants, and was created in response to the hierarchies surrounding access to higher education. She also teaches art in community spaces, schools and universities often on precarious contracts. Edmondson sees TOMA and her teaching work as part of her creative practice.




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