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Movement workshops with H2Dance

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Movement workshops with H2Dance

Opening: 06/12/18 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

What if our world was organised differently? – Movement workshops with H2Dance

H2DANCE return to Peterborough to develop a new choreography that takes the performance space as its starting point. They are inviting you to join them for 3 free movement workshops:

Dates: Thursdays 22nd and 29th November, 6th December

Time: 6.30 – 8.30pm (public sharing at 7.30pm on 6th)

Venue: Chauffeurs Cottage, 1 St Peters Rd, Peterborough, PE1 1YX

We welcome any age and ability to this workshop. No dance or performance experience is necessary.

The workshops will playfully explore notions around hierarchy, power and co-dependency, and together we aim to find new ways of looking at our relationship to space and the objects it inhabits.

The workshops will use movement exercises to explore:

  • What if our world was organised differently?
  • How do we feel part of or separated from the spaces we occupy?
  • How are we dependent on the objects, material and spaces we interact with in everyday life?
  • To what degree do objects and spaces serve us or vice versa?

The workshops will be movement based. Through improvisations led by Hanna and Heidi we will discover relationships to space and the objects it inhabits. We will end each session with conversations.

Let us know your coming along by emailing Sarah@metalculture.com or call 01733 893 077


Metal Chauffuers Cottage
St Peters Road

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