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Natural Dye Workshop with Amanda Rigby

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Natural Dye Workshop with Amanda Rigby

Opening: 22/09/22 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Thursday 22nd

1 – 4pm @Metal Chauffeurs Cottage


Join artist Amanda Rigby for a workshop in a range of basic natural dyeing techniques. This workshop will inspire and encourage you to reimagine textiles and items of clothes by using natural dye, all techniques that you can continue to do at home.

Natural dyes produce unique and subtle colours, with the unpredictability of them making them exciting to use. As part of this workshop Amanda will introduce natural dye techniques, including learning to create a binder agent between fabric and the dye, the use of natural items such as plants or food to create dyes, as well as the hammer flower / leaf technique to create interesting pattens.

During the workshop participants will trial out, experiment and play with a different processes as well as creating your own unique, one of a kind item to take home with you.

Spaces are limited – booking is essential.

Click here to book your space. 


About Amanda

Amanda Rigby is an artist and highly skilled creative illustrator. Her years as a magazine Art Editor have also made her a swift, meticulous and much sought after designer. She is passionate about sharing skills and gaining creative opportunities for all.

Amanda has always been excited by fashion and textiles but feels the industry is upside-down. Brands make clothes and then convince people to buy them. The amount of waste is unjustifiable.

Amanda goes on to say “my friends and I have been swapping clothes for years. We have a drink, play dress up and share clothing we’re tired of with each other. Everybody likes to get something for nothing, and often fresh dye, tailoring or accessories can really elevate an item and make it a favourite.”

About Sustainable Fashion Week

Running from the 15th – 22nd September Metal will be hosting a week-long series of activities around sustainable fashion, to learn more, have discussions and build new skills to proactively move towards a more sustainable future.

In partnership with Shado, Pluto Press and The Reading Room, these activities are part of a series of events happening across the UK as part of a wider program ‘An anti-capitalist fashion week’.

Drawing inspiration from Tansy E. Hoskins’ book ‘The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion’ and coinciding with London Fashion Week. The wider program seeks to uncover the roots of extractivism in the fashion industry and to celebrate the organisations shaping alternatives and building a different future.

Events will include a pop-up Mend and Mend Cafe, workshops in repurposing clothes and using natural dyes, as well as profiling sustainable fashion and creative businesses throughout the week.

To see the full program click here. 


Metal Chauffeurs Cottage
St Peters Road,

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