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Peterborough: New Henge Heritage Performance

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Peterborough: New Henge Heritage Performance

Opening: 06/05/17 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM | Free

On the 6th of May the mobile Peterborough Stones will manifest themselves. As the sun rises they will make their way to the museum, where a small Neolithic standing stone sits. This stone is a small slither of rock, dull in colour and peppered with lichen; perhaps you’ve seen it before? Perhaps you’ve never noticed it lurking behind a banner or just thought of it as a badly weathered gravestone and paid it no attention. It is featureless and mysterious; it came from Orton Longueville, bought by the Museum Society in the 19th Century. They brought it here to save it from building works, it was important for one reason or another but no one is quite remembers why. So here it quietly sits; accidentally aligned east with the street layout, waiting to be realigned with its new site.

On the 6th of May at dawn the Stone is radiating, it is ready to be brought back into ritual use. A cluster of living stones will gather around it and begin to form a human stone circle, a circle that moves and changes, as the stones become both the performers and the objects of ritual simultaneously. They invoke the Stone’s former ritual heritage whilst creating a new ritual for its current existence.

The stones will later traverse to the Green Backyard, a site that has shared a similar sense of dislocation from the Stone, having also faced the threat of relocation and displacement through building developments. The stones will congregate around the Maypole and perform their circle dance, linking both sites histories whilst also celebrating the Green Backyard’s right to stay at their current site and further cementing their relationship with the land.


The Green Backyard
Oundle Road

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