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THE BLUE HALO : Immersive Digital Art Installation in Chalkwell Park

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THE BLUE HALO : Immersive Digital Art Installation in Chalkwell Park

Opening: 13/07/22 – 17/07/22 | Free


Artist and beekeeper Lily Hunter Green brings THE BLUE HALO to Chalkwell Hall, as part of Metal’s digital programme NetPark.

Join us for the opening of this visiting immersive digital art installation!

Weds 13 July 2022
6pm – 8pm
Chalkwell Park , Southend-on-Sea, SS08NB (Free parking onsite)


Refreshments available.
Look for the big, blue sculpture near Metal’s Chalkwell Hall, at the centre of Chalkwell Park.

Can’t make the opening but want to experience the work?
THE BLUE HALO is open to visitors from Weds 13 – Sun 17 July.



Email us via chalkwell@metalculture.com or call 01702 470 700 to plan your visit.
If you are a large group, we advise pre-booking.

Alternatively, drop by Chalkwell Hall between Weds 13 – Sun 17 July and meet a member of our team.



THE BLUE HALO is an immersive digital art installation, which explores the world of pollinating plants and bees in an exciting new way. You can visit the installation for free, to discover more about the special relationship between the flower and the bee, within our local habitats.

Plants are great illusionists! Some might even call them magicians.

By using a trick of light, pollinating flowers create a spectacular ‘blue halo’ around their flowers. The naked human eye cannot see this, but bees can. This is how they know which plants to pollinate.



The artwork, THE BLUE HALO, gives you a special chance to see flowers with a ‘bee’s eye view’.

Visit the sculpture in Chalkwell Park and look into magnified peep holes to see the colourful, ever-changing cycle of a flower – through the eyes of a bee!

You will also hear the sounds and vibrations which a bee might hear when they are visiting flowers.



Play the role of a Citizen Scientist, and help to research the cycle of pollinating flowers which grow in Chalkwell Park.

By using a specially designed app, you can take photos of bee-friendly flowers in Chalkwell Park, and upload them, whilst also telling us where they are growing. Your own research will add to the images within THE BLUE HALO sculpture to build a clearer picture of the blossoming of each flower. It will also help us to predict the life of these pollinators in the future, and learn more about the bees in our park.



Lily Hunter Green is a digital artist, educator and beekeeper. She has significant experience delivering large-scale, multi-component digital and collaborative artworks focussed on pollination and the science of beehives.

Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, with exhibitions at Sadler’s Wells (UK), Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts and YiTangBao Art Festival Suzhou (China) and 516 Arts Albuquerque (USA). Following her nomination for the 2021 STARTS PRIZE – the grand prize of the European Commission that honoirs projects that demonstrate the successful integration of science, technology and art to contribute to social and economic innovation – Lily has been programmed for the upcoming exhibition ‘I Love Science Festival’ 2022 at BOZAR (Belgium).

She is an Associate Research Fellow at Birkbeck College, University of London, where she is researching the applications to human behaviour of the eusocial world of the honeybee and is the Artist-in-Residence at the Maori Lab, Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge.


For more information about Metal’s work, NetPark or other projects: please go to www.metalculture.com or contact chalkwell@metalculture.com / 01702 470 700

The Blue Halo Project is funded by Arts Council England.


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