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Originally created for the Common Ground artists to respond to as part of the project lab, Feet on Cloud is a work in progress from Hector Dyer, looking at the environment and democracy. Who holds governments accountable for setting their own targets, and do governments still control the democratic system? The power of big tech, data harvesting and global politics is linked here with grassroots activism and the intersectional root of the climate crisis. The video collages together found footage and sound from social media, news channels, YouTube uploads and more, alongside personal footage and recordings taken by Hector.

Hector began making street performances in Bristol with DIY costumes and props to create interventions in public spaces. He now works across performance, fabrics, video and text to explore our relationship to the natural world. He uses ideas around time and memory to try and make sense of how much change we are living through and how much change we are creating for the future. 

Feet on Cloud by Hector Dyer