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This week, it’s Mental Health Awareness Week (8-14 May 2017), followed by next week’s Dementia Awareness Week (14-20 May 2017).

Please check out the information on different projects run under our NetPark Wellbeing Programme HERE.

We’re proud to share these stats with you:

· Over 600 HOURS of NetPark /Digital Art Mental Wellbeing delivered over last 16 months of free mental health art groups
· We’ve worked with over 26 LOCAL ORGANISATIONS & CHARITIES
· Over 500 PARTICIPANTS have engaged in a wellbeing activity- all have a diagnosis of one or more of the following; depression, anxiety, bi- polar, paranoia, post traumatic stress disorder, social isolation, learning disabilities or dementia

NetPark Wellbeing offers:

In regards of mental wellbeing:
· Volunteering programme for those living affected by mental health
· A safe quite space for those who need it at Attitude is Everything space at Village Green

And for those affected by dementia:
· A 2-hour free respite a week to carers of those living with dementia
· Weekly art club for those living with dementia
We’ve worked with over 50 dementia sufferers in the last 16 months
All staff at Metal are Dementia Friends and we are members of Southend’s Dementia Awareness Alliance

Mental Health Awareness Week