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Meet the second cohort of Metal’s TOMA – an artist instigated alternative MA founded by Emma Edmondson. The new group kick off on the educational programme in September 2017…


Laura Adamson

Laura Adamson is a London based multidisciplinary artist exploring emotional states of being through collage, costume, video and performance. Her creation of imaginary creatures invites the viewer to place themselves within this unsettling world, rousing feelings of disquiet through humorous spectacle. Laura considers the construction of relationships and memories through storytelling and examines how images and objects define and redefine identity.

Laura Adamson 2 Laura Adamson 1

Fiona Bennett

Fiona Bennett seeks to trace passing histories through her practice. She observes the inter-relationships of converting and regenerating architectural spaces, capturing moments in time before they are lost forever. Each generation and community constructs spaces for a purpose, but today’s fashion soon becomes tomorrow’s discard.

Drawn from research Fiona’s work often incorporates a narrative of an event, place or space. Seeking to deepen interpretations she adopts a site specific approach. To date she has worked with the mediums of CGI, photomontage, cyanotype printing, film and sound.

“Time and tide wait for no man” – Geoffrey Chaucer

Fiona Bennett P1030343 Fiona BennettOnTheLine2015_20Emma

Kristina Bragg

Kristina is a photographer and mixed media artist who lives and works in Southend. She recently graduated from the BA (Hons) Photography at South Essex College. During this time Kristina developed ways to combine digital photography, alternative printing processes and self-taught crafts. Kristina is interested in the shapes, colours and patterns occurring in the natural world and how these processes bring them to life.

Most recently Kristina has been combining digital photography and paper craft techniques, such as origami, to create three-dimensional photographic sculptures in a bid to emphasise these natural forms. Kristina wants to continue to develop this hands-on approach to photography and explore new techniques that can be applied to her work.

Kristina Bragg Headshot Kristina BraggFlowerball

Blandine Martin

Originally from the south of France Blandine moved to London in 1988. She graduated in 2003 from North London University with a degree in interior design & architecture. This formation in design had a direct influence on the manner in which she works as well as the materials she chooses. Blandine’s paintings are constructed, torn apart, threaded, burned and put back together. She takes pleasure in experimenting with new materials including; timber, plaster, ceramic, metal, paper, newspaper and sand to achieve her compositions. Blandine has exhibited in France, Italy, New York and the UK.

Blandine Martinimage2 Blandine image2

Gabrielle Milanese

Gabrielle Elizabeth Milanese is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice centres around a lifelong impulse to document, reflect and capture existence through everyday abstraction. Originating from Philadelphia, Gabrielle studied fibre art at The University of the Arts Philadelphia, later relocating to attend The London College of Fashion where she focussed on design for performance. Before ultimately returning to the UK, she lived and worked in New York.

Gabrielle’s work encompasses a range of mediums; including on-the-body sculpture and installation. By reassigning meaning to discarded bricolage when sculpting contemporary armour or painting geometric imagery to encapsulate an exact instance, Gabrielle’s work focusses on the translation of fleeting moments and movements. Simplicity, satire and social reflection traverse the breadth of her work, undoubtedly inspiring future practice.

Gabrielle_Milanese_Artist_Portrait_Tight scalpel_gabrielle_milanese

Grace Price

Grace is interested in creating visions of interior utopias. She does this through 3D work placed as expanded sculptural painting and collages which are imaginary plans for extravagant work that will likely never come to full-scale fruition.

Interior design items and colour forecasting steer these creations; like a mood board they allude to the concept of a desirable space. Using vintage hues, as well as analogue photography, selected items of interest embellish the collages and aim to promote an evocative narrative. Their titles reflect a nostalgic dialect from East London and surrounding Essex towns. The visual results are a mix of painting, contemporary culture and a snapshot of idealised domesticity that transcends eras. She now hopes to develop her practice beyond traditional categorisations associated with these themes into immersive ‘commercial’ exhibitions.

GracePricegracesinstagrams-1222319217507828844_51348072 Grace_20Price_20Collage


Ian Segrave

Ian Segrave is a painter who lives and works in Southend. He is interested in the idea that memories can lose cohesion over time to create fictional events in the mind. These, often darker fictions, provide a foundation for his work.

Segrave explores the boundaries between reality and memory through layers of mixed media combining influences of personal memories and horror novel tales, which lead the mind to a more sinister unreality. He uses composition, depth of field and unusual perspectives to unearth a memory seen through a tinted window and consider how fine the line is between real and unreal.

After an unsettled home life Segrave recently moved to Westcliff where he lives with his wife and began his own family. Following the arrival of their first child his new body of work became influenced by reflecting on personal memories and photographs taken by his father throughout his own childhood. Ian has exhibited at spaces including Blain Southern, Local Creation and Focal Point Gallery.

IanSegraveimage1 IanSegraveimage2


Gemma Shaw

Gemma’s practice is rooted in an interest in people and how we interact. She explores contradictions in the interpretation and memory of these interactions in the retelling of our own life stories.

With her current work Gemma has been exploring this concept through social engagement, playing with the concept of the conscious and unconscious path, led in our life by both choice and circumstances beyond our control. Through live interactive art events Gemma encourages participants to engage with a concept through process and change it as they see fit.

Gemma ShawIMG_2233 Gemma ShawFullSizeRender

Gloria Sulli

Gloria Sulli is a contemporary artist from Italy living in London. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. Gloria is interested in the relationship between the natural and technological landscape and explores this research through a multi-disciplinary practice including sculpture, installation and paper works.

Gloria mixes the natural and artificial within her practice. She enjoys researching natural and synthetic shapes, handcrafting methods and spirituality. Organic inspiration is combined with digital in a bid to create a realm flitting between real and fantasy. Gloria attempts to translate the human experience through nature’s processes and concepts. She believes comparisons with nature makes us peaceful, because nature operates by simple solutions, it is regenerating and honest.

GloriaSulliGloria_20Barcellona GloriaSulliabout_20Blooming-2

Marie Walbey

Marie is interested in the out of context and misinterpretations that occur through typed and printed content. Inspiration and reference materials are gained from newspapers and social media. In a bid to take a closer look at everyday situations in a fast-paced world Marie examines the meaning and context behind the words, before re-interpreting them into a visual form such as handmade badges or prints.

Combining traditional photographic and printmaking techniques newspaper articles from a century ago sit alongside captions from social media accounts of today. Through taking a closer look at antiquated and contemporary everyday situations and comparing them to societal expectations Marie hopes to better understand attitudes and behaviour within historical and modern westernised society.

MarieWalbeyFullSizeRender Marie Walbey C1uQqGVXEAA7KAI