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Metal want to give a very big welcome to our third round of Remote Residency artists for August:

Aisha Zia, George Barret (Xidus Pain), Aaron Shrimpton, Elsa James, Laura Campbell, and Hwa Young Jung

Throughout the month of August these selected artists will be remotely in residence connecting with Metal, creating work from home with the support and resources from our team. We can’t wait to see how their ideas develop during this time!

Keep up to date with what they are up to over on social media platforms @MetalCultureUK where you will be able to see blog posts, interviews and images from the artists.


Aisha Zia

“I want to commission work that’s exciting and dynamic, I’m looking for artists who are brave and bold; people who redefine the boundaries of what art can be and at the same time are able to shift the artistic gaze, to be more inclusive.”

62 is a new online social platform showcasing the work of British South Asian artists, activists and writers. This project aims to combat the marginalisation of BME talent by broadening the online creative space to be more inclusive of diasporic arts, from Peterborough to the UK. The project has two overarching objectives to increase visibility of British South Asian artists and talent development through workshops and mentoring.

In 2019, 62 Gladstone Street was re-fashioned from an old Bollywood video shop which belonged to Aisha’s father in the 1980’s, to a pop-up public engagement art space independent gallery and research centre. 62 exhibited work and created new opportunities for resident artists, hosted talks, exhibitions and workshops that addressed the palpable lack of representation for British Muslims in the UK. This new setting created a ground-breaking platform to discuss contemporary issues affecting the local community, a mix of predominantly Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian and new wave immigrants from Eastern Europe, Portugal, as well refugee’s and young people from the Middle East.

For Aisha’s Remote Residency she plans to undertake some vital research and development. She will use the time to look for and research artists, writers and collaborators to build on this engagement, to help shape the landscape of the new platform and build new audiences. Aisha will also focus on the business development to make the new online platform accessible locally as well as nationally.

Read more here.

Image of Aisha Zia by Maryam Wahid

George Barret (Xidus Pain)

George Barrett, also known as Xidus Pain, is a multi-disciplined Rap Artist who specialises in delivering Lyric Writing workshops. He was mentored by HipHop legends Sugarhill Gang and Grand Master Melle Mel and Featured regularly on BBC Radio as a guest Freestyler. He has worked with Street Sounds records and has been featured on songs alongside legends such as Special Ed, Sadat X (Brand Nubian), El da sensei (Artifacts), Michael Mcdonald, Sheena Easton, Peabo Bryson and many more.

For his Remote Residency Xidus would like to develop a play that is modern and reflects society. Being a person of African heritage in Peterborough, he feels that there is very little if not any plays at all with an equal ethnic balance in lead roles that have been created here so would like to write a play, script and music for a new diverse play that will give a voice to some of the voiceless people in the city.

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Aaron Shrimpton

Aaron Shrimpton is a filmmaker from Basildon with a background in Fine Art Photography having graduated from Edinburgh Napier with a 1st Class Honors & Hamilton Tait Creative Award.  

His professional career began with a New Talent Bafta for a Scroobius pip featured music video. Since then he has created the company New Waverley Studios that has produced projects for Ai Wei Wei, Anne-Marie, The Guardian, Fatboy Slim, Chanel, Shy FX, Converse, GRRRL Zine Fair and many others.  

His current project Arcadia Lasts, will be the focus of his residency:  a 15 minute short film, the start of many chapters about Essex life. It follows two teenagers taking a trip from Basildon to Southend ending up in the Arcades. A journey that examines formative friendships at a pivotal time, where we understand ourself and others. 

Read more here.

Elsa James

Elsa James is an artist and activist living in Essex since 1999. Her work intervenes in the overlapping discourses of race, gender, diaspora and belonging. Her black British identity ignites her interdisciplinary and research-based practice, located within the fields of contemporary performance, text and language-based art, socio-political and socially engaged art. The historical, temporal and spatial dimensions of what it means to be black in Essex; England’s most misunderstood, and, homogeneously white county, are prevalent concerns in her work.

She intends to use this month-long residency to kickstart a focused period of research about the county, for which she will later use as the basis and framework for developing new work.

She says, “Centring the county of Essex in my practice, the place I have lived in for the last two decades but only recently embraced as my home, has never felt more profound than in this moment.”

Read more here.

‘Black Girl Essex: Here We Come, Look We Here’ (2019) film still. Tilbury Docks, Essex. Credit: Andy Delaney

Laura Campbell

Laura is a sound artist and musician living in Liverpool.

Her work currently focuses on concepts around deep listening and field recording, capturing our sonic environment. Laura creates 360º listening dioramas; audio stories which explore how we connect and respond to our environment spatially, experimenting with the role of the recordist as performer, often interacting with her own voice and physical movements within a space.

During her remote residency at Metal Laura hopes to develop her practice, through daily sound walks, manipulating field recordings collected throughout the residency to compose emotive sonic narratives using spatial audio techniques, using listening as a way of connecting more deeply to our environment and place.

Read more here.

Hwa Young Jung

Hwa Young is a socially engaged artist who works with people to co-create projects, often with a focus on using games and play to explore social issues, creating a common ground for diverse disciplines and divergent communities to come together and make something new. She work in public spaces, using familiar ‘found formats’ (boardgame, card game, calendar, tea towel, improv night) to encapsulate the work created with collaborators.

During her residency at Metal, she will be exploring ideas of labour and productivity in the arts. This project is further development from the Time & Space residency Re:Work the Good Life, and Spoon Run, a response to shifting work patterns and norms during COVID-19 in the form of a board game. She will co-create with staff at Metal, a response to the highs, lows, possibilities, hurdles and opportunities for radical change in the working environment. Examining working conditions is her response to the climate crisis, as a starting point to rethink the dominant narrative of what is ‘good work’ from the perspective from capitalism to care.

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Metal Remote Residencies – August