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Metal are excited to announce the second round of artists for our July Remote Residencies:

Laura Trevail, Sadie Davidson, BLM Southend – Southend Art Collective for Social Change, Charley Genever, Olivia Dedman, The Coach House, Marjorie Morgan, Projectile Vomit, Pierce Starre.

Throughout the month of July these selected artists will carry out their residency working remotely from their own home or studio but with access to the support, networks and resources available from Metal. We are excited to see how the artists’ practice and ideas develop, the conversations shared along the way, the experimentation that might occur and what they may create in this month.

Throughout their residency you can keep up to date with what they are doing over on social media platforms @MetalCultureUK .

This is a new initiative and there is one more round of Remote Residencies – for full details and how to apply click here. The deadline for our August Remote Residencies is 10 July.


Laura Trevail

Laura’s work aims to listen to the context of a place, a problem, a need or an idea; and to craft that information into practical experience, opportunity and manifestation.

Laura has an impressive interdisciplinary background in theatre, writing, sculpture, data relationships, human behaviour, horror, connected devices and value exchange. They make works in connected technology, performance, visual art, transport innovation, and written practice.

The artist poignantly seeks to build a brave, exciting, kind, practical and exceptionally well functioning future for all of us, striving to make glancing work with long-term resonance.

“The world is made of love and fear, and not always in the right place. I’m interested in that. I’m interested in cause and effect. I’m interested in what we think we see.”

Sadie Davidson

Sadie Davidson is a multi-slam winning poet from Essex

She has published two collections, recorded a spoken word album and recorded and produced Life Behind Bards (2020), a collaborative work with five other working class poets. Life Behind Bards was awarded the 2020 Saboteur Award in the Best Collaborative Work category.

She has won several slams, including the Margate Bookie, You’re Bard! 9, the Kent Poetry Championship, and the Creative Thingy Whatsit online slam. She was also a finalist in both the Hammer and Tongue UK Championship and the Farago UK Championship in 2019.

From 2017-2018 Sadie hosted Dangerous Poetry open mic in Southend, attracting high profile poets such as Alex Vellis, the RepeatBeat Poet and Alex Agman Gora to headline. She also hosted the first ever Southend Poetry Slam at the 2019 Southend Festival, curated the Essex Poetry Collective Show in 2018 (headlined by Hammer and Tongue UK 2018 Champion Usaama Minas), and her debut play, Bare Lies, premiered at the same festival (2018).

Sadie received a ‘Special Mention’ in the category ‘Best Spoken Word Performer’ at both the 2019 and 2020 Saboteur Awards.

Whilst in residence, Sadie is broadening the scope of her practice, writing and developing her first short, memoir style novel.

Black Lives Matter Southend – Southend Art Collective for Social Change

Black Lives Matter Southend are working in conjunction with the ‘Southend Art Collective for Social Change’ to create a short film of moving image, spoken word, song, movement, performance and candid conversation in order to start a dialogue about issues of racism in the local community. Throughout their residency the artists are seeking to hear from members of the Southend community about their opinion on the BLM movement whilst engaging with local artists to connect, respond and create.

The vision is a socially distant community outreach project which will be filmed and formed into a piece of art. The intention is to bring the community of Southend together with honest and open conversation.

Metal are really excited to be working with this group of artists who are formed of empowered and driven graduates and students, eager to make a change. We are excited to support the artists in setting up their newly formed collective in order to project their voices further.

Charley Genever

Charley Genever is a poet and creative producer from Peterborough. Her practise has two major strands; performance and written poetry centred around the female experience. She is unapologetic and playful in her use of language, often taking censored topics and vulnerable revelation to empower herself and others to redefine what it means to be a woman. Charley has published a collection of poetry (Unsexed, bX3) and had poems included in several anthologies including WOMAN (Mud Press, 2017), and Madder Than We Look (Write Minds, 2017).

During her remote residency Charley will be focusing on how to showcase her work digitally. Experimenting with visual poetry, developing skills in sewing, fashion for a period of research and development for a new project ‘Aesthetic’. She is keen to explore how poetry can be consumed visually and will focus on ‘wearable poetry’ in response to researching why women wear slogans on their clothes.

Photo Credit: Leah Barfield

Olivia Dedman

Olivia Dedman is a poet from Peterborough. She first started performing her poems in local events just over a year ago. She is passionate that writing, performing and connecting with others through poetry is a great tool for expression and catharsis in the modern age.

Whilst in residence, Olivia is keen to develop a collection of poetry titled Bodies, Beds & Heads. Nearly two years ago, she entered counselling for her battle with an eating disorder and found herself writing poetry to cope. Whilst undertaking the process, Olivia battled with new and overwhelming feelings of suicide and self-harm. The whole time, she continued to write.

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The Coach House

The Coach House is the duo of RJ and Carlos Marfil-Lloyd based in Liverpool. Their work together began staging plays in their living room, working with local theatre makers to experiment with new ways of immersing their audience. They have also taken up residency in a dilapidated church, shop fronts and abandoned buildings.

During their residency the Coach House will develop a play titled ‘BAME!’ that satires art organisations and their approach to inclusivity through targets and statistics. Using the play to facilitate co-operation with communities, funding bodies and art organisations, RJ and Carlos plan to use this opportunity to give voice to the struggles of racial equality in the workplace.

Marjorie Morgan

Marjorie H Morgan is an award winning playwright, director and producer based in Liverpool. Her works explore the theme of ‘Home,’ in particular historic and contemporary migration stories, giving voice to those marginalised in British society. In 2018 she was shortlisted for the Kenneth Branagh Drama Writing Award for Let The Eat Cake, and has since undertaken playwright programmes at The Everyman Playhouse and SLATE.

For her remote residency Marjorie will be developing a radio play based on her research of the Windrush Generation, dramatising the case of Carmen Bryan in 1962. The play explores the long history of Britain’s ‘Hostile Environment’ towards migrants and the political and legal tensions that still exist today.

Projectile Vomit

Based in Dingle, Liverpool, Projectile Vomit are a video art collective that work closely with grassroots organisations to design bespoke stage decor and visuals and host digital TV events that are interactive, irreverent and fun.

Having recently hosted ‘A Song For Lockdown 2020,’ as a parody Eurovision, Projectile Vomit have now embarked on setting up their own TV station. With the assistance of Metal the collective will begin working with local community organisations to build participatory projects that can be broadcast, as well as providing a platform for local people to get creative.

Pierce Starre

Pierce Starre is a Liverpool based artist with a practice situated in performance. Pierce’s first language is British Sign Language, as both of his parents are profoundly Deaf. Previous works have explored his experience of growing up as a hearing individual in a predominantly silent household. Pierce has explored through his work the territory which he occupies between the Deaf and hearing worlds and has further critiqued intersectionality in broader social and political contexts; highlighting the restrictive nature of the institution, institutional boundaries and oppression and the spaces between self and other.

Pierce will be researching and developing his practice through using online and digital media tools, incorporating digital and alternative photographic processes. He will explore memories, and experiences related to his Children of Deaf Adults (CODA) identity and relationship with his Deaf parents.

CODA’s are exceptionally underrepresented in academia, research and the arts in the UK; this work seeks to create discourse surrounding dominant social narratives and the marginalisation and oppression of Deaf people and their children. Using Metal’s networks, Pierce will create online materials and art to engage audiences and raise awareness of CODAs and their experiences.

Metal Remote Residencies – July