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Metal are excited to announce the artists for our June Remote Residencies:

Amber Akaunu, Leah Jones and Jade French, Mark Massey, Madhu Manipatruni, Taylor Smith,  Wanja Kimani.

Throughout the month of June the selected artists will be remotely in residence with Metal, creating work from their own home or studio but with access to the staff support, networks and resources available from Metal. We’re excited to see how the artists practice and ideas develop, the experimentation that might happen and what they may create in this month. 

Throughout their residency you can keep up to date with what they are doing over on social media platforms @MetalCultureUK where you will be able to see regular blog posts, interviews and images from the artists. 

This is a new initiative and there are two more rounds of Remote Residencies – for full details and how to apply click here. The deadline for our July residency is the 15th June. 


Amber Akaunu

Amber Akaunu is an artist from Liverpool who works across several mediums to explore concepts and ideas around race and identity. Amber is also a co-founder of ROOT-ed Zine, a quarterly magazine and social platform that promotes, supports and inspires North West creatives of colour. Amber recently directed a short film titled ‘Afro Hair Rituals’ which was shown on BBC 4 earlier this year. The film focuses on the Black experience, intimacy and culture. Amber’s interest in hip hop, which she believes is comparable to documentary filmmaking, encourages her to create art that incorporates elements of the music genre such as storytelling, sampling, realism and flow, with the aim to create a similar impact to what hip hop has had on her.  Find out more here. 

Leah Jones and Jade French

Leah Jones and Jade French have been creative collaborators since 2013. Through their unique creative partnership, they produce inclusive, critically engaged bodies of work investigating the intersection of art and activism, bringing Leah’s expertise in art and lived experiences of learning disability and self-advocacy together with Jade’s academic background in curation and skills in creative facilitation. They have delivered a range of inclusive creative projects including exhibitions, publications and large-scale public workshops for institutions including Bluecoat (2017) Tate Liverpool (2017), Catalyst Science Discovery Centre & Museum (2019), Disability & Society (2019) and The Brindley (2019). Together, they are interested in exploring the relationship between artists with learning disabilities and their facilitators and ways to challenge assumptions on the roles that learning disabled people can play in arts and culture. Read more here. 

Mark Massey

Mark Massy is a photographer focusing on both documentary and portrait, he is interested in photography as ‘social documentary’ – observing and discovering everyday places, and the interaction between people and the environment. Mark has lived in the Southend area all his life and the community is important to him, local issues have formed the focus of many of his projects. Such as his ongoing portrait series ‘Essexism’, shot on medium-format film, he is challenging the pejorative, stereotypical portrayal of ‘Essex Girls’.

For Marks Remote Residency, he  will be concentrating on a photographic project based on the Crowstone in Chalkwell. Over the course of a year he will be documenting the changing tides, seasons, weather, and its interactivity with the public. Read more here. 

Madhu Manipatruni

Madhu is a multidisciplinary artist living in Peterborough. Her practice includes drawing, painting and digital artwork that traverse national boundaries. She likes to use simple materials, such as paper, ink, charcoal and find themes through experimentation, exploration. Her ideas and themes revolve around the concept of roots and identity, threads of connection, ideas of beauty and the role of art in the digital age. She creates works on paper, drenched in colour influenced by a combination of Indian miniature and folk-art traditions. she is also a practicing Creative Technologist and engages with digital tools as collaborator to create drawings that are visually exciting and innovative.  

For her remote residency Madhu wants to explore the threads of connection with her Indian roots with diverse groups in Peterborough. She is keen to explore a process, create body of work using clay, intuitive mark making inherited across diverse cultural and social backgrounds. Find out more here. 

Taylor Smith

Taylor Jack Smith is and artist, filmmaker and writer from Southend-on-Sea in Essex. A recent graduate from the Slade School of Fine Art.

Principally his work is concerned with storytelling. Seemingly oblique details become inflated, into the abject and cartoon. Memories and dreams become indistinguishable as unarticulated dialogues are described in bodily sensations. Points of friction are derived from lived or observed experiences, internalised and heightened, and political and personal tensions are bared. These moments are addressed through different lenses, be it film, animation, print or performance. Read more here. 

Wanja Kimani

Wanja Kimani is a visual artist based in Peterborough. Through textiles and installation, her work explores memory, trauma and the uidity within social structures that are designed to care and protect, but mutate into coercive forces within society. She imposes elements of her own life into public spaces, creating a personal narrative where she is both author and character.

For her remote residency she is looking to create a series of works based on the home, displaying work in a manner that utilizes the domestic setting not just as a place for production, but also display. Read more here. 

Metal Remote Residencies – June