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  1. Erotic Dance for Self – Rowena Gander

    Erotic Dance for Self is a short screen dance about identity and sexuality in relation to sensual dance. Lesbian sexuality resists male gaze and objectification, and these themes are often stigmatised in erotic dance. Rowena’s dance counters the traditional aesthetic of erotic movement, showing us that it can exist in different forms and in spaces outside of strip clubs. The rest is up to you to interpret.


    Erotic Dance for Self, online IGTV sharing, 30th January 2021, 1pm GMT


    Join Rowena in her IGTV entitled ‘Erotic Dance for Self’. In this video which will be shared on Metal Liverpool’s Instagram account, you will see her work in progress, with a discussion about Rowena’s movement process, the origins of erotic dance, why it is so stigmatised and how that stigma can be reframed through lesbian solo process and subversion of gaze.  


    Rowena will be answering any questions in the comments section between 1pm-1.30pm, so be sure to leave a comment if you want to connect. 


    Erotic Dance for Self, Online Movement Workshop, 6th February 2021, 11am, GMT, Zoom. Ages 18+ 


    This workshop will take place via Zoom, in a safe and welcoming space that is open to all womxn and to individuals who identify as non-binary.  We’ll start with a warm up and a short movement sequence with elements of erotic dance to encourage a deeper bodily connection. The workshop is suitable for all, welcoming beginners to experienced dancers.  We’ll also talk about our experiences of the movement, power, sexuality, and self-expression. 

    Please book in advance and wear loose clothing that can be easily shifted around the body. The workshop is suitable for small home spaces. 

    Book here.