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  1. Play Peterborough New Or Never

    Re-discover and explore Peterborough through play.
    When was the last time you walked back in silence and watched the world pass by in slow motion? Have you ever followed a line on the pavement and pondered the future?
    Play Peterborough Now Or Never! is a new free app for mobile devices that takes people on a playful journey of discovery around the city. The app suggests directions and actions that will help you experience Peterborough’s public spaces in a fresh and imaginative way. Watch out for the free download in the App Store or Google Play.

    Read more about Play Peterborough Now Or Never here.

  2. 70 x 7 The Meal, Act XXXIX

    70 x 7 The Meal Act XXXIX by Lucy + Jorge Orta, Peterborough 20th September 2015, as part of Metals Harvest Festival

  3. NetPark: Jamie Gledhill’s Talking Trees

    Talking Trees is a playful new work by Jamie Gledhill commissioned for NetPark. Within the park, use the Junaio browser to find the Talking Trees of Chalkwell Park. Some of them have a lot to say and will appear as moving images on trees.

    More info here.

  4. NetPark Launched!

    Tuesday afternoon saw around 400 people of all ages trying out the 10 new artworks and stories that are the inaugural collection of digital artworks for Metal’s NetPark project – a new, permanent digital art park in Chalkwell Park – the first of its kind in the world.

    Find out more about NetPark here.

  5. Harvest Festival Time Lapse

    Harvest Festival time lapse

  6. Harvest Festival Film

    Harvest Festival Film

    The festival celebrated the relationship between the city and its rural countryside, connecting people to the land and its associated Harvest rituals, whilst promoting local food and its suppliers. More info here.

  7. Village Green: Next Generation film by SHSG

    A short film by SETSA/Royal Opera House Bridge cultural ambassadors from Southend High School for Girls who attended Village Green: Next Generation arts and cultural festival for schools on Friday 10 July 2015.

  8. Village Green Arts & Music Festival 2015

    Hurrah! Thank you all so much for coming to this year’s VILLAGE GREEN arts & music festival – all 25,000 of you grown-ups, teens, kids and babies! We had a fantastic day yesterday – with a great, friendly vibe in the crowd, on stage, backstage, in tents, out on the fields. Read more here.

  9. Making digital work: mobile, featuring Netpark

    “Making digital work: mobile” – a film by Nesta – featuring Metal’s NetPark digital park project (3:45).

    Read more about NetPark here.

  10. Village Green Next Generation 2015

    Every year we invite Southend school children for a school only art & music day using Village Green infrastructure, the day before the main festival. This year over 3,300 children came to enjoy art, music, theatre and workshops at Chalkwell Park. See more about Village Green here:

  11. Village Beach Arts & Music Festival

    Over 6,000 people came to Metal’s Village Beach Arts & Music Festival in Grays on 18 July 2015.

    Read more here.

  12. Culture Change Case Study

    Culture Change Case Study – Metal

    Film by Julie’s Bicycle, about Chalwell Hall, Metal’s Southend on Sea home.