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Future Network is a quarterly virtual event co-programmed by our teams across the UK (in Liverpool, Peterborough and Southend). Throughout the year, we invite artists to host online sharings in response to a theme and also present accompanying material through a contribution to Metal’s website. For this Future Network the theme is Try, Test, Fail and we welcome artists Andrew Ibi, Monique Jackson, Roxanne Carney and Tijs van Bakel.

Test, Try, Fail is a celebration of experimenting and the processes that move us forward through mistakes, mishaps, and the under appreciated art of getting things wrong. For this special first event, we invite artists to respond to their own creative processes, wandering and exploration, share their working out, missteps, happy accidents, changes of mind, and the ideas that just had to get scrapped to start again. Join us to explore those nebulous processes that led to unexpected wins, chances taken, and the delightful disasters or wild schemes that never should have worked but did. There is no place for perfection in our creative journey so if at first you don’t succeed, fail and fail again.

Monique Jackson 

Monique Jackson is an Artist and Long Covid Advocate. Monique is the creator of The Still Ill Corona Diary which documents her journey with experiencing Long Covid through an online graphic journal.

Monique has illustrated her experiences in the lead up to the pandemic and created a series of animated GIF artworks.’ She has responded to the brief ‘Try Test Fail’, by trying the new process of animation and revisiting previous sketch drawings based on ‘my poor attempts to adequately prepare for the 2020 pandemic’. 

Ruminate, Gif Series

“I have responded to the brief Test, Try , Fail by creating a series of GIF files,  looping animations.

The series is called Ruminate, 2021

I liken the GIFS to vignettes which include; standing on a packed London underground train, searching for food on empty shopping shelves, doom scrolling news late at night and hand washing.

I have not explored animation much yet in my creative practice so wished to try creating GIF’s to reanimate sketchbook drawings I did of early memories of the pandemic from Feb / March 2020.

Each GIF is based on a memory that I obsessively revisit, that still haunt me because of my inadequate attempts to prevent myself from falling ill during a global pandemic.

These GIFs are inspired by the popular genre of ‘ultimate fails compilations’ seen on Youtube and GIPHY channels.”

Ruminate – Monique Jackson

Ruminate – Empty Shelves
Ruminate – Underground
Ruminate – HK Art Fair cancelled
Ruminate –  Ikea
Ruminate – New York Times Podcast
Ruminate – Doomscroll
Ruminate – pub
Ruminate – hand wash

Monique Jackson – Future Network: Try, Test, Fail