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Over the last 12 month artist in residence Scottee has been working with the LGBTQIA+ community of Peterborough. During this time he has brought his solo show ‘Bravado’ to the city, hosted dinners, debates and based a ‘Queer Commune’ in Metal’s courtyard as part of the festival ‘Planet B’. Over a series of dinners and regular […]

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We’ve all probably heard people say ‘that’s not very lady-like’ but what exactly does this mean in the 21st century? Does this differ between generations?

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METAL is delighted to announce our support for PROCESSIONS (, a mass participation artwork which marks 100 years since women were first given the right to vote in Britain.

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The Mill

Crick Day 1 Warehouse

For centuries, cities have been built on and around the life of their rivers. Once a bustling place for industry more often than not they are now the focus of residential and leisure activity.

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Planet B

Planet B - Credit

Planet B encompasses a two-week programme of events, performances, film screenings, workshops, commissioned artworks, and a conference – all around encouraging discussion and debate on sustainability.

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Stomping Grounds

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We all have our favourite stomping grounds in the city, places where we like to visit regularly or hang out. From cinemas to city centres, parks to townships. What makes these stomping grounds memorable though and encourage us to return? Is it the people, the buildings or the activities we take part in there? Are […]

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New Henge Heritage

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Their aim with the Peterborough Stone project is to formally reintegrate the stone through public ‘ritual’ with its current site and with the local community.

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CHANGE MAKERS BLOG November 2nd – The rise of ‘cripping up’ Quite a lot has changed in my lifetime, my childhood tapes (free with boxes of cereal) are now unrecognisable slabs of plastic to a digital generation. Flares did, as my mum foretold, come back and then mercifully went back to where they came from. There […]

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Even You Song


The World Premiere of Even You Song, a new work for choir and organ inspired by the structure and themes of Choral Evensong.

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From The Bricks Up

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The brick industry has played a major role in Peterborough’s development. Its substantial clay deposits led to the city becoming an industrial centre for the East of England and the UK’s leading producer of bricks for much of the twentieth century.

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Lucy + Jorge Orta: Food

B&W bread 2 - low res

This exhibition is the culmination of an 18-month residency the artists have had with the city of Peterborough. In 2015, Lucy + Jorge created 70 x 7 The Meal Act XXXIX in the city, their first major UK meal in this ongoing series, seating 500 local residents for a spectacular lunch of locally sourced produce.

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Most cities share a complex and evolving dialogue between the rural and urban, the industrial and agricultural, the built environment and green spaces. This is particularly true of Peterborough now, with its rapid expansion of housing, population and economic growth alongside its environmental aspirations.

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