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Jon Kipps is a Visual Artist from Southend who has organised Village Green’s Artist Village this year.

Kipps’ artistic work spans sculpture, painting, photography and performance. He has always been interested in the relationship between artwork music and ways of experiencing the two together.

For Artist Village Kipps has invited 8 artists, some local to the area and some from further afield, to come and spend time in Chalkwell Park developing and making new work especially for Village Green. The artworks created form a strong visual layer for the festival experience and span everything from large scale sculptural works to spontaneous performative pieces. The Artworks can be simply happened upon in passing or actively sought out using the Artist Village map (available to download here soon, or at the information stand on the day).

Artist Village has been made possible with the support of Arts Council England.




Alexis Zelda Stevens


Tactile encounters translated into collages, collages translated into spatial experiences


Cool Diabang

Work sweeping different worlds combining the mystical, imaginary, and real – through various artistic disciplines.


John Wallbank

Works that attempts to find out what is interesting about the way something looks or the way something is.


Josh Langan


Stories assembled from dirt and detritus.


Julia McKinlay


Megalithic rock formations translated into sculptures.


Luke Gotellier

Objects that transgress the boundary between painting and performance.


Redhawk Logistica


A production line creating handmade callibration devices


Stuart Bowditch


Interpreting sounds of objects, people, places and activities.

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