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Bronze Award, 11-16 years / Silver Award, 14+ years / Gold Award, 16+ years

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Arts Award at Metal

Arts Award is a nationally accredited scheme which recognises the value of artistic activities and encourages young people to develop their passions. It’s creative, valuable and accessible.

• a great way for children and young people to be inspired by and enjoy the arts
• an opportunity to develop creatively in any field
• a link between young people and creative arts professionals
• a place for learning new skills and sharing them
Arts Award can be achieved at five levels, an introductory award and four accredited qualifications: Discover, Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold levels are recognised as Entry Level 3 and Levels 1, 2 and 3. These four levels are accredited by Ofqual within the Qualifications and Credit Framework and the Gold Arts Award is also recognised on the UCAS tariff system.
Arts Award is managed by Trinity College London in association with Arts Council England.

Metal offer Arts Award between the ages 4-24yrs, covering the full range Discover to Gold.

The Arts Award programme at Metal is delivered to stimulate and encourage curiosity and creativity amongst enthusiastic young people surrounded by a vibrant mixture of creative practitioners. It is important to us that our young people feel completely free and confident to explore their creativity and artistic talents within an exciting and informal learning environment.

We believe Metal’s practice of bringing together creative people from all sectors helps to inspire young people who get to meet established, well-respected artists whilst spending time in Metal Art School. The students encounter a rich variety of arts during this great quality programme, with experiences both on and off-site enriching their project work.

Whatever creative direction our young people are interested in, from portraiture to Performing Arts, Digital film-making to dance, graffiti to graphic design, Arts Award at Metal will encourage and help to develop passions, potentially to a professional level.

Our non-academic environment allows young people to develop a sense of individual achievement leading to a nationally recognised accredited award. The approach is a fluid one which builds on each student’s awareness of the arts around them – they will be involved in team projects as well as individual interests.


Metal are proud to be an Arts Award Supporter.  This means that while we offer our own Arts Award courses, we can also offer support and opportunities for all Arts Award students from across Southend wherever you are doing the work to earn your certificate.  If you are involved in Arts Award and want to get involved in our wide range of creative activities such as our Shorelines Literature Festival and Village Green or our smaller scale events as points that count towards your Arts Award certificate, we will do our best to help you achieve this.  For more information, please email Metal Art School on or call 01702 470700.


8 October 2014:
Metal Arts Award students worked so hard this week, creating these amazing blocks with London artist Cristina Lina and had a great time collaborating with each other…

arts award metal

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