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The Day the World Got Smaller is a free online learning resource for primary schools celebrating the history of the Liverpool to Manchester railway.


This  brand  new  resource  aims  to  inspire  Key  Stage  2  pupils  to  discover aspects of British and world history that are reflected in their local community, and question the impact of the railways on society today.


Six  new  commissioned  artworks  have  been  created  in  collaboration  with children  from  local  primary  schools  in  Liverpool.  Each  artwork has  been  the result   of   a   participatory programme   of   workshops,   collective research, heritage  visits  and  a  shared  process  of  interpretation  between  artists  and children.


Opening up this heritage to younger generations and allowing others to see it through  their  eyes  will  renew  interest  and  excitement  towards  our  railway heritage,  bringing   attention   to   Edge   Hill  and   its   global   significance for generations to come. By  focusing  on  the  Liverpool  to  Manchester  passenger  railway, we  hope younger  generations  will  be  inspired  by  the  global  impact  of  these  historic events, and generate a sense of pride towards their local area.


Explore our rich local heritage through the collective imaginations of children and artists:
If you are a primary school teacher and would like more information about the project,  or  have  recently  used  the  site,  we’d  be  delighted  to  hear  from  you, please contact:


The  project  has  been  made  possible  through  the  support  of  the  Heritage Lottery Fund and Northern.


You   can   also   explore   Edge   Hill’s   heritage through   the   voice   of   older generations on Metal’s Edge Hill Archive.


Artists and schools who contributed to the project:


The Costumologists are a creative costuming duo made up of  Maria Luis Olmos and Frances Heap. They create intricately designed costumes for contemporary dance, theatre, live art and music. Their costumes often use collage as a starting point and respond to non-traditional performance environments.


Sacred Heart

Costumologists worked with Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School. Based on Hall Lane in Liverpool, Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School is a one form entry school with close links to the parish church and parish community. Year 4 pupils helped the Costumologists with their costume designs, starred in the film and wrote the script.


David Penny

David Penny’s photography focuses on still life. He often selects a single object which is photographed against a plain background. Although the objects at first glance appear simple, the images he creates make us question what we are seeing. David likes to play with the rules of photography and the relationship between object and image.


Christian Fellowship School

Christian Fellowship School is a non-denominational, multi-ethnic Christian school based on Overbury St, in Edge Hill. The school is divided into lower, middle and upper age groups. David Penny worked with year 5 pupils to expand their photography skills.


Martin Wallace

Martin is an award-winning director working in television, film and music videos. His first feature film ‘Small Creatures’ from 2011, is a drama about a group of teenage boys.  In 2013 he directed a documentary about Britain’s steel industry ‘The Big Melt: How Steel Made us Hard’.


St Anne’s Catholic Primary School

St Anne’s Catholic Primary School, the Friendship School, is based on Overbury Street in Edge Hill. The school is dedicated to an inclusive culture of learning where all children will be challenged in their thinking, to achieve to the best of their abilities and strive to become lifelong learners. Martin worked with year 6 pupils form Mrs Sian Miles’ class.


Oliver East

Oliver East is a comic artist, he creates comics based on walking long distances and documenting his progress. In 2009 he published ‘Proper Go Well High’ based on a walk along the railway tracks of the Liverpool and  Manchester Railway.


Lawrence Road Community Primary

Lawrence Road Community Primary School is based in the Picton ward. They have high standards achieved through a creative and fun curriculum and by providing an environment where children feel safe and happy. The school is friendly and busy with lots going on. Oliver Worked with both classes in year 5.


Mike Garry

Mike Garry is a poet based in Manchester. Originally starting off as a librarian he was encouraged to take part in live poetry events and slams by his Library’s homework centre. His poetry is regularly heard on TV and radio and he was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Education for his poetry and work with young people.


Phoenix Primary School

Phoenix Primary School is based on Birchfield Road, in Kensington, Liverpool. The school strives to provide a an enjoyable and excellent education for children aged 3-11. Mike Garry worked with Miss Reed’s year 5 class.


Yuri Suzuki

Yuri Suzuki is a  a sound artist, designer and electronic musician. He creates inventions that play with our relationship with sound and technology. His work falls somewhere in between product design, industrial design and sound art. In 2014 he collaborated with the musician to create Pyramidi, an installation  that combined 3D projections and bespoke mechanical instruments.


Kensington Community Primary School

Kensington Community Primary School is based on Brae St in Edge Hill. It is a welcoming school with respect for cultural diversity, celebration of achievement and commitment to shared values in order to foster the growth of confidence and self esteem in every child and their families. Yuri Suzuki worked with the schools ‘Talent Development’ group made up of pupils from years 5 and 6.





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