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Future Network is a quarterly virtual event co-programmed by our teams across the UK (in Liverpool, Peterborough and Southend). Throughout the year, we invite 4 x artists to host online sharings in response to a theme and also present accompanying material through a contribution to Metal’s website. Future Network expands on our previous programme, Future Network Shorts, but offers a more in-depth sharing opportunity. Similarly, it offers artists a chance to play, experiment and test ideas out. Much of the work shown is still in progress and invites feedback from audiences.   


Future network #1: Test, Try, Fail. 

For the first quarter we have invited Monique Jackson, Tijs van Bakel, Roxanne Carney and Andrew Ibi to respond to the theme Test, Try, Fail and share their work with us on Instagram on the 28th of July between 7pm – 9pm.


Join us and the artists on Instagram on the 28th of July for their sharing and response to the theme; Test, Try, Fail.


Test, Try, Fail is a celebration of experimenting and the processes that move us forward through mistakes, mishaps, and the underappreciated art of getting things wrong. For this special first event, we invite artists to respond to their own creative processes, wandering and exploration, share their working out, missteps, happy accidents, changes of mind, and the ideas that just had to get scrapped to start again


Running order


  • ‘Not the same sheep’ by  Tijs van Bakel
  • ‘Ruminate’ by Monique Jackson
  • I’m The Hero Of This Story’ by Roxanne Carney
  • MACBEAN STUDIO (Andrew Ibi & Eleonar Ibi) and Clare Payne Studio – Clare PaynePT 1: unfinished feminist [WO]MANIFESTO: an ongoing video conversationPT 2: unfinished Feminist object number 17: BEACH BAMM BAG


To see artists supporting work, experimentations, ‘working’s out’ or thought process click on their pictures below.

‘Not the same sheep’ by  Tijs van Bakel
Tijs van Bakel is a conceptual artist, working in Rotterdam. He is interested in why people live the lives they live.  Currently, he is focusing on taking his art career seriously.



‘Ruminate’ by Monique Jackson
Monique Jackson is an Artist and Long Covid Advocate. Monique is the creator of The Still Ill Corona Diary which documents her journey with experiencing Long Covid through an online graphic journal.


‘I’m The Hero Of This Story’ by Roxanne Carney
Roxanne is a theatre maker, performer and producer born and bred in Essex. She makes work that creates discussions around our social injustices. She likes making work around ‘the Essex stereotype’, feminism and our environment. Roxanne’s work is responsive to what is happening and urgent in the world so the work might look different every time you see her.​



[WO]MANIFESTO by E.MACBEAN STUDIO (Andrew Ibi & Eleanor Ibi) and CLARE PAYNE STUDIO – Clare Payne.

E.MACBEAN is a creative design studio, utilising swimwear as a central design narrative. The studio approach focuses on art-based practices and examines the relationship between women, the body, culture and the arts.



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