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Future Network Shorts was a monthly virtual event co-programmed by our teams across the UK (in Liverpool, Peterborough and Southend).
The programme, launched and lasted throughout 10 months of the UK lockdown.
It was designed to support artists during this testing time, connecting them with our online communities through diverse, entertaining and engaging content.


On the last Thursday of each month (across the course of a year), we invited 6 x artists to host short sharings of their work online, delivered across a mix of virtual platforms.
Future Network Shorts was developed from existing live events which, prior to lockdown, took place regularly at all Metal venues (Future Network in Peterborough, Future Park in Southend and Future Station in Liverpool).

Future Network Shorts included performances, conversations and experiments from artists across the UK, with a wide range of art forms being showcased digitally, existing initially as Zoom calls, pre-recorded video and virtual exhibitions, before being transferred to Instagram, utilising Instagram Live as a platform for real-time sharings.

Digital audiences watched or took part in renditions of existing work, collaborations, informal talks, how-to guides, scratch shows and more, hosted by artists from a range of diverse backgrounds, practices and career levels, each with unique personal perspectives to offer.



A glimpse at some of our Future Network Shorts Sharings: 

See the whole range over on our instagram @MetalCultureUK 


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Previously featured artists :

Amina Atiq

Maria Amidu : #feelingallthefeelings

Tanja Erhart + Katharina Senk

Amy Pennington

Sarah Blanc

George Maund

Stormy J

Rachael House

Daniel & Clara

Pierce Starre

Charley Genever & Lukhmann Ali : Syntax Poetry Festival.

Blue Saint


Inara Tsenina

Taylor ​Jack Smith

Malika Speaks

George Lacey & Richard Seaman : GuyMart! The Musical

Bobbie Twaddle

Hwa Young Jung

Emily Bowers

Claire Collison

Harun Morrison

Adam Sadiq

Hector Dyer

Pryle Behrman – Curator of Playtime within Art Projects 2020, London Art Fair

Sorrell Kerrison

Ross Sutherland

Malika Speaks

Azara Meghie

The Coach House

Rowena Gander

Rebecca Moss

Aïcha El Beloui

Able Zine

Kiara Mohamed

Melody Sproates

Max Palmer

Madhu Manipatruni

Michelle Peterkin-Walker– Politics of Plants – Creating Dikenga’s in L8’s urban gardens.

Tia Howell

Matty May

Yvonne Hercules

Brant Tilds

Daisy Hamlin

Grace Collins & James McColl

Kooj Chuhan


Sandy Wardrop

Magnard Ensemble

Talya Stitcher

Amber Akaunu

Katherina Radeva – Two Destination Language 

Dan Wilson

Ashleigh Owen

Kyla Harris & Lou Macnamara – Watch ‘It’s Personal’ here!

Ross Dalziel

Vicky Wild & Aryana Ramkhalawon

Jessica Reeves & Otherly Collective

Bite Theatre

Lamphouse Theatre



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