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Noun British
− a large board in a public place, often used to display advertisements
− to accumulate money or valued objects and hide or store away
− to keep in one’s mind for future use
− an exhibition about public and private thought

Exhibition: 12th December 2014 – 22nd February 2015
City Gallery Peterborough, c/o Peterborough Museum, Priestgate, Peterborough, PE1 1LF

– An exhibition about public and private thought.

Increasingly, the distinction between traditional notions of public and private; the street and the home; or the image we present to strangers compared to our families blurs in our modern world. Whilst we are accustomed to having advertising all around us and social media documenting our every move, there are times when our private thoughts and personal spaces seem ever more important and vital. The exhibition ‘hoarding’ curated by arts organisation Metal, introduces the visitor to these two worlds, from monumental billboards designed by 10 UK artists to the intimate, everyday journals of Peterborough residents. The overall effect is to consider the bigger questions of our time provoked by and through the intimate expression of others.

Visitors to the exhibition will be encouraged to participate and share their own thoughts and reflections .

A programme of talks, workshops and public events is also planned.

F: Metalpeterborough
T: Metalpeterb

The exhibition is supported by:


Hoarding Catalogue:

This catalogue celebrates the exhibition and the events that accompanied it but most of all it celebrates the diverse, fascinating and passionate voices of Peterborough.

The catalogue was designed by local design company Paper Rhino . View the catalogue below, if you would like to buy a hard copy please contact Ruth@metalculture.com.

 Images of Hoarding Exhibition:  










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