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Dear all IDEA1 users,

After five and half years, will be coming to a close on 31st March 2019. We have had a fabulous five years helping to celebrate the many activities happening in Peterborough – documenting them and creating films to help promote community and artistic events. It really has shown that ‘stuff’ does happen in Peterborough and is definitely more than just a … train station, shopping centre and Passport Office.

Since its existence Idea1 has had over 79,000 users, and over 250,000 page views. With a calendar averaging at least 70 events happening in the city each month!

With the Tourist Information Centre/ Peterborough City Council launching a new website for the city on the horizon and also many other new ‘What’s on’ social media pages, we have decided to bring Idea1 to a close.

We wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for all your continued support with the website. Your events and activities have kept the website lively, active and showed off the wealth of great cultural events we have going on.

Where possible Metal will be happy to share your events on social media. We also recommend that you place any future coming events you have on ‘We Love Peterborough’, who have thousands of followers on social media. We have met with them, and they are happy to share your promotional content on their site. Their details are below.





We also suggest keeping an eye out for the new Tourist Information Centre / Peterborough City Council website which will be launching in the near future.

Thanks again for your continued support.





Metal presents IDEA1 – a website for Peterborough, an online resource for artists, creative individuals and audiences to access a wide range of arts information about the city.

The site includes a calendar of events happening in the city such as, music, comedy, visual art and much more. There are video postings of artist’s interviews and updates how projects are developing, an interactive blog and monthly profiling of artists. The site is free for creative people and organisations to market their own events; it’s the place to ensure that as wide an audience as possible knows about the organisation or person, their work and the cultural life of Peterborough.


Register HERE for information on all cultural events happening in and around Peterborough.

WHAT’S ON – Promote and view local events.

BLOG – Promote your opportunities, call for artists, competitions, jobs etc

IDEA13 TV – Watch interviews with artists, musicians, theatre directors and other local creative even live footage of events.

If you or your organisation would like your event or your work to go onto IDEA1 then please contact Ruth at, or follow the steps on the Idea1 ‘submit and event’ page.


Background information:

One of the key projects that has come out of Metal Peterborough’s early research –– was the need for the development of an online resource for artists, creatives and audiences to access a wide range of arts information about the city of Peterborough.

Metal ran a series of dinners at Chauffeurs Cottage with invited artists and others from across the city to help shape the content of Idea1 throughout Spring 2013.  Peterborough-based artists, designers and creative industries were consulted. Recommendations for inclusion on the site were listings, review and video postings, discussion board, and monthly profiling of companies and artists.

Peterborough-based web developer Lee Mason at Freethinking Design  was commissioned by Metal to develop the idea1 website.

idea1 at METAL Peterborough from SPARKY FILM on Vimeo.

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