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What is the Metal New Artist Network?

Over the next few years Metal is looking to further develop a programme of support for early career artists, those in their first few years of defining themselves as an artist. Though not exclusively, we are particularly interested in how we can help early career artists who live or work in our host cities of Liverpool, Peterborough and Southend on Sea.


Who do we mean by Early Career Artists*?

● those who are aged 18+ in their 1st to 4th year of creative practice, post-student status (if applicable)

● those who left school and did not enter Higher Education but still keep up a regular creative practice

● those who have recently graduated in the past three years

● those who have entered the arts later in life after pursuing a different occupation and are within the first four years of this.

*This is not an exhaustive list, and Metal welcomes artists from all disciplines; theatre, visual art, film, music, writing or a mixture of some or all. Metal are particularly interested in supporting artists from diverse backgrounds, with unique personal perspectives to offer. If you’re unsure whether you fall into the early career category please get in touch with the site most local to you.


Click here for a registration survey for Metal New Artist Network and receive our booking info / newsletters.


Clicking the sign up link will take you to our registration survey, which takes about 5 mins to complete. By doing this, we invite you to have your say about how we should develop our future programme, and so we can respond to the challenges facing early career artists.

Once you’ve completed the survey you will be signed up to the Metal New Artist Network newsletter. You can also join our closed Facebook group here.


What the Network currently offers:

  • A monthly newsletter bringing together opportunities for early career artists from our 3 sites and across the UK. Each newsletter also includes early access to our training and networking opportunities, creative challenges, discounts and more!
  • FREE online workshops lead by artists and creatives from a range of different practices. Each session focuses on an area that early career artists have said they want support or knowledge on through the registration survey. From this we’ve had workshops about managing social media, sorting out finances as a freelance artist, to mention a few.
    • At each workshop there is also a dedicated Networking session, giving you the opportunity to meet and connect with other Early Career artists.
  • Access to training materials and videos mad specifically for early career artists, often by the artists who have led our online workshops.

To discover even more about what our Metal New Artist Network offers, click here.


Aged 16-19?

Metal is trialling some activities aimed at creative young people aged 16-19. Whether you’re doodling during Zoom classes, or wondering what lies beyond your Drama course, we would love to know what activities you would like to take part in. To find out more and get involved, click here. This programme is supported by Festival Bridge, Curious Minds, Royal Opera House Bridge and Arts Council England.


Training Archive :



What 2 Do Online with Travis Alabanza.


Getting Paid with Emma Edmondson.


Getting Paid with Kei Maye


If You Can’t Plug Yourself… with Tammy Reynold’s



Kate Genever Souvenirs: For those who couldn’t attend Kate’s workshop just download this great PDF – it offers inspiration and creative activities on postal art and collage


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