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Each year our demand for ecological resources and services exceeds what the earth can regenerate in that time. Globally, we are consuming 1.7 planets worth of resources each year. In the USA, you’re likely to consume 5 Earths worth of the planet’s natural resources in one year, and in Qatar it’s a staggering 9.3 Earths*. 

Nine Earths explores how our lifestyle choices unwittingly contribute to the destruction of our one planet.

The project is a collaboration with artists, organisations, climate activists and local communities, to observe and document the daily activities of people globally. Nine Earths uses visual ethnography, imagery, sound, and interviews to examine local lifestyles, revealing our everyday choices. The project will primarily focus on locations in the UK, Indonesia, Lebanon, Brazil and Vietnam, among others. Giving our audiences a unique insight to our one planet and revealing how inadvertently we consume way beyond our planet’s capabilities and resources. We want to highlight that our similarities, our ideas, our hopes can outweigh our differences. 

Nine Earths is a project commissioned by the British Council in the lead up to the Cop26 summit in October 2021. Our partners include D-Fuse (London, UK), Metal (Liverpool, UK), Robin Rimbaud – Scanner (East Midlands, UK), RMIT University Vietnam (Ho Chi Min, Vietnam), Maya Chami (Beirut, Lebanon), Sembilan Matahari (Bandung, Indonesia), AguaForte (São Paulo, Brazil), Multiplicidade (Rio De Janiero, Brazil).

Nine Earths will initially be presented as an innovative and unique online live broadcast, interwoven with an original soundscape by composer Scanner, that will run 24 hours a day for 4 weeks before the Cop26 summit.  During the live broadcast, Nine Earths will host 2 live events, bringing together our global partners and project participants, to give audiences a deeper insight of the shared worries, hopes, research and the creative ideas for positive change.

We want to encourage change and raise understanding and awareness of how we  impact our environment. It can be overwhelming to think about how your personal ecological footprint contributes to global overshoot, however by working together we  can take steps to reduce our impact on the planet. We can build a positive future through a Global exploration of our daily lifestyle choices; encouraging connection and bringing cities and cultures closer together.

“A better world doesn’t begin with me, but with all of us” Rutger Bregman – Human Kind

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