PLAY PETERBOROUGH NOW OR NEVER! is a playful App for mobile devices that takes people in Peterborough on an interactive ‘live art’ journey around their city to experience and engage with the city in a fresh, imaginative and mischievous way – the app was produced through participatory walkshops giving local people the opportunity to contribute to its creation.

PLAY PETERBOROUGH NOW OR NEVER! uses geomapping technologies in combination with the everyday technology of the mobile phone to give users visual and audio prompts suggesting specific actions or tasks . These prompts will trigger them to look, listen, think and interact with other people as they walk around, with the result that they will see a familiar landscape in a whole new light.

PLAY PETERBOROUGH NOW OR NEVER! is the brainchild of artists Helen Stratford and Idit Nathan. It was launched and  was available for everyone to download at the Peterborough Arts Festival in September 2015. If you would like to download the app please visit

Helen and Idit are interested in our urban environment and the ways that we interact with public spaces. PLAY PETERBOROUGH NOW OR NEVER! is the first in a series of Apps that Helen and Idit plan to develop in different conurbations around the country. Plans are already at an advanced stage to take the idea to Southend in 2016

PLAY PETERBOROUGH NOW OR NEVER! was developed in partnership with METAL, an artistic laboratory in Peterborough with bases in Southend and Liverpool.

Watch a film about the making of the Play Peterborough Now or Never app! Here…

Play Peterborough Now or Never – The Film! from Paper Rhino on Vimeo.

Re-discover and explore Peterborough through play.
When was the last time you walked back in silence and watched the world pass by in slow motion? Have you ever followed a line on the pavement and pondered the future?
Play Peterborough Now Or Never! is a new free app for mobile devices that takes people on a playful journey of discovery around the city. The app suggests directions and actions that will help you experience Peterborough’s public spaces in a fresh and imaginative way. Watch out for the free download in the App Store or Google Play.

To find our more about the project see Idit and Helen’s residency page  and to see up to date information visit the project website at


Find the project on social media

facebook: /playthecitynowornever

twitter: @playcitynow





Photo credit Julian Hughes

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